Discover key preconstruction planning steps with effective communication and construction project management software

The Most Critical Steps in Preconstruction Planning

Preconstruction planning is the most critical step in the construction process. A good plan can head off a world of change orders and budget increases. The more detailed the preconstruction ...
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Explore How to Choose Construction Project Management Software for Submittals

How to choose Construction Project Management Software for Submittals

Construction Project Management Software can play a critical role in the overall construction process and help you with one of the most essential parts of managing a construction project – ...
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Construction project closeout

Key Documents Required for Construction Project Closeout

Closeout documents are crucial in construction. They provide a detailed record of the project’s design, execution, and outcomes. They ensure compliance with regulations and building codes, provide evidence of the ...
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Construction management process

Best Practices for Project Closeout During Construction Management

Construction project closeout is the final phase in the construction management process, marking the transition from the completion of the physical building to its handover to the owner. This phase, ...
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AI in Construction Management

The Transformative Role of AI in Construction Management

The construction industry, a cornerstone of global infrastructure development, faces a myriad of challenges in the 21st century. From meeting growing demands for sustainable and efficient structures to addressing labor ...
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risk management strategies

Mitigating Construction Risks: A Guide to Effective Risk Management

This article covers: Strategies for Owners and Developers: Minimizing Risks in Construction ProjectsWhat is Risk Management in Construction?Identifying Construction Project RisksRisk Mitigation StrategiesMonitoring and Reviewing Risk Management StrategiesConclusion Strategies for ...
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project management information systems

Revolutionizing Construction Management: A Deep Dive into the World of PMIS

This article covers:Unveiling the Power of Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)Understanding Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)Alternatives to PMIS SoftwareDrawbacks of Using SpreadsheetsKey Features to Look for in a PMISPMIS in ...
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streamlining construction rfis

Streamlining Construction RFIs

This article covers:How to Optimize Project Communication through Effective Construction RFI ManagementWhat is a construction RFI?The Evolution of the Construction RFI ProcessHow Does a Construction RFI Work?What are the main ...
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How Automating Construction Submittals Saves Time and Avoids Frustration

How Automating Construction Submittals Saves Time and Avoids Frustration

Submittals are among the most essential quality control tools construction companies use. Clients expect projects to be completed on time, stay within budget, and meet compliance standards. To guarantee clients ...
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Uncover the essential differences among general contractors, subcontractors, specialty contractors.

What is a Contractor? Exploring Contractors, Subcontractors, and Trades

General contractors, subcontractors, specialty contractors, and licensed trades are the workhorses of the construction industry. Some may use these terms interchangeably, but each contractor type has distinct roles and responsibilities. ...
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Explore the 7 key qualities of a top-tier construction management team

7 Must-Have Traits in a Top-Notch Construction Management Team

Building a top-notch construction management team can be challenging. Everyone has a different personality and understanding of how and what to do. Some people work better independently, and some are ...
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Discover CPM Benefits for Construction Projects and Fast-Tracking Insights

Fast-Tracking a Project’s Success with the Critical Path Method

Construction projects are a complex activity and require a great deal of planning before the project starts, during the build phase, and handover. Project managers can use the critical path ...
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Quality control in construction

5 Ways to Maintain Quality Control Throughout Your Construction Project

This article covers:Maximize Project Productivity and ProfitabilityWhat Is Quality Control in Construction?5 Ways to Maintain Construction Quality ControlMaintain Digital Quality Control  in Construction with Linarc Maximize Project Productivity and Profitability ...
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construction kpis types

7 Essential Construction KPIs for Effective Management

This article covers:Unlocking Success: The Crucial Role of Tracking KPIs for Construction CompaniesCollaborative Construction Management KPIs1. What Are Construction KPIs?2. Construction KPIs TypesCreating Construction KPIsHow to Create Practical KPIs for ...
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Discover the link between mental health, suicide, and construction safety

Construction Safety Topic: Mental Health and Suicide

This article covers:Addressing Alarming Increase in Suicide Rates Among U.S. Workers, Particularly High Risk in ConstructionConstruction Professionals: A population at riskIncluding mental health and suicide conversations in your construction safety ...
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Data analytics in construction empowers project managers to improve performance

4 Ways Data Analytics is Optimizing Construction Project Management

In today’s technology-driven landscape, data analytics is crucial to organizational excellence. Data analytics can help solve many problems, including mismanagement, cost overruns, budgeting, low ROI, and quality control issues. Often, ...
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Unveiling Hidden Losses

Unveiling Hidden Losses: The Silent Threat to Contractors in Construction

If you work in the construction industry, you’re no stranger to challenges and risks that can impact project outcomes and the efficiency of construction projects. While some losses are easily ...
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construction cost management

Unforeseen Expenses: Managing Unexpected Costs in Construction Projects

They—whoever “they” are—always say to prepare for the unexpected. This is especially true when preparing for a new construction site project. In addition to keeping employees safe on the worksite ...
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Construction Planning Software vs Manual

Construction Planning Software vs Manual: Maximizing Project Success at Every Step

Effective preconstruction planning lays the foundation for successful construction projects. In today's dynamic construction landscape, project owners have two primary approaches: leveraging construction planning software or taking a manual project-planning ...
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Construction Operations Management: How to Streamline Your Project Budgets & Deliverables

In the fast-paced construction world, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and within budget is a top priority. From the initial phases of a construction project to the final deliverables, there’s ...
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modern construction management

Top Six Signs Your Construction Project Needs a Modern Construction Management Solution

It’s no secret that construction management has become increasingly complex and multifaceted. In our fast-paced digital age, project managers can no longer rely on various standalone applications and manual data ...
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Construction Project Management Buyers Guide

Construction Project Management Software Buyers Guide

This article covers:The Best Construction Management Software For Your Business: A Comprehensive Buyer’s GuideWhat is Construction Management Software?Benefits of Construction Management SoftwareKey Features to Consider When Comparing Construction Management SoftwareEvaluate ...
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Pro Tips for Making Your Construction Project More Efficient

Pro Tips for Making Your Construction Project More Efficient

This article covers:Five Construction Project Management Pro Tips: Maximize Efficiency at Your CompanyTip #1: Planning is EverythingTip #2: Technology is Your FriendTip #3: Practice Effective Project MonitoringTip #4: Put Your ...
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construction management software and solutions the ultimate guide

Construction Management Software and Solutions – The Ultimate Guide

This article covers:Unifying Construction Operations: Maximizing Efficiency with Linarc's All-in-One Management SoftwareTypes of Software Used in the Construction IndustryKey Features of Construction Management SoftwareBenefits of Construction Management SoftwareChoosing the Right ...
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improving-construction safety management in a digital-era

Using Technology to Improve Construction Safety Management

This article covers:Harnessing the Benefits of Technology for Construction  ManagementTypes of Technology in Construction Site Safety ManagementUsing Data Analytics to Advance Construction Site SafetyConstruction Management Software with Safety Built In ...
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10 Essential Safety Tips for Construction Workers

The Importance of Safety for Construction Workers Safety Tips and Strategies Construction site safety can be jeopardized in many ways. It is not a one person job, it’s the duty ...
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preventing construction safety

Common Causes of Construction Accidents and How to Prevent Them

This article covers:Beyond Compliance: How to Build a Culture of Safety on Your Construction SiteThe Value of Construction Safety Management and TrainingPromoting a Safer Workplace in Construction Beyond Compliance: How ...
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construction operations

Safe, Productive, and Profitable: Document Management in the Cloud

Efficient document management helps you complete your projects safely, on time, and within budget. However, traditional document management methods are no longer viable in today's complex and fast-paced business environment. ...
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5 Tips for Better Construction Document Management

Without a solid document management strategy, the volume of documents you need to track can be overwhelming. These 5 tips can help. From blueprints, permits, and submittals to RFIs, change ...
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visual documents

Unlock Your Docs: The Hidden Magic of Document Management

Document management might not sound very magical, but it can be. With the right tools and approach, your document management strategy can supercharge your productivity and improve your team's safety, ...
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3 Surprising Construction KPIs Many Contractors Overlook

Contractors rely on many different construction KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure project and business success.  KPI categories include financial performance, productivity, quality control, schedule performance, and customer satisfaction. But ...
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Preconstruction Basics (and the critical secret most people don’t know)

The preconstruction phase can make or break your project. Why? Because preconstruction is the only time during the project lifecycle when you can make changes to the design, timeline, or ...
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Craft a Comprehensive Scope of Work In 8 Simple Steps

Need help crafting a comprehensive scope of work for your next construction project? Here are the facts: Poor preconstruction planning and project scope definition are significant causes of expensive changes, ...
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What Are Construction Submittals, and Why Are They Important?

Construction submittals are an essential element in every construction project. They ensure that contractors provide and install quality products, materials, and services and that the completed project fulfills the design ...
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construction management solution

How Construction Management Software Works and Who Benefits

Construction management software is a broad term for an integrated system of software programs and mobile apps designed to manage the flow of critical information during the construction process. The ...
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7 Tips for Effective Construction Budget Control

Effective construction budget control is a top priority for successful project managers. Controlling the budget for a construction project requires significant planning and oversight throughout all phases of the project. ...
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Here’s How to Choose the Perfect Construction Management Software

Contractors: Looking for the right construction management software to manage your crews, projects, and business? Find the perfect solution for managing multiple jobs, allocating resources, deploying your skilled workforce, and ...
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Construction Change Orders: What They Are, and What They’re Not

Change orders are an essential part of any construction project. But not all design changes, scope, or schedule modifications justify a change order. Let’s look at five situations that change ...
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Construction Submittals: A Simple Guide for Busy Project Managers

Construction submittals are an essential element of every construction project. And yet the submittal process can take a lot of time. And that makes the submittal process worthy of investigation. ...
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Construction RFIs: A Project Manager’s Perspective

Love them or hate them, construction RFIs (Request for Information) are part of your job. As a project manager, you will likely have to respond to several of them during ...
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What Are the Different Types of Change Orders for Construction?

From access change orders to value-engineered substitution requests, it's essential to know the ins and outs of change orders in every type. Let’s review the different types of change orders, ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Construction RFIs: Everything You Need to Know

Construction RFIs (Request for Information) are critical for effective communication and problem-solving during every construction phase, from preconstruction planning to project completion. Architects, engineers, general contractors, and subcontractors rely on ...
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The Definitive Guide to Construction Change Orders

Construction professionals know that change orders are a fact of life on any construction project.  No matter how well planned and carefully budgeted, there will always be circumstances, site conditions, ...
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Request For Proposal vs. Request For Quote: What’s the Difference?

A Request For Proposal (RFP) and a Request For Quote (RFQ) are very similar, and many use the terms interchangeably, but these two processes are not the same. They both ...
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Building Permits and Approvals: Top Tips To Avoid Red Tape Delays

Securing zoning approvals and building permits are critical steps in the preconstruction process. Delays here will set your project back weeks or even months, so it’s important to know what ...
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Constructing Profitability: The Future of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management has become increasingly challenging for the construction industry. Transportation costs have increased steadily since the pandemic. And many building materials are entirely out of stock or have ...
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Creating a Construction Budget? Here’s What You Need to Know

Creating a construction budget is integral to the preconstruction process, but the construction budgeting process begins long before that. A comprehensive construction budget includes all the costs associated with the ...
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How To Hire Construction Workers in 2023

Construction workers are the backbone of one of the world's largest and most important industries.  Their hard work, dedication, and skills bring new ideas to life, and they build and ...
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What Is Preconstruction and Why Is It the Most Crucial Step in Construction?

The preconstruction phase is the most crucial step in the construction process and sets the stage for successful project completion. Hands down, if your project’s going sideways, it’s always because ...
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Construction Workforce Development: Building for the Next Generation

Workforce development in the construction industry used to mean apprenticeships, trade schools, and good old-fashioned On-the-Job Training (OJT). Very few construction companies had active outreach programs for recruiting new talent. ...
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most effective project management methodology

The Most Effective Project Management Methodology for Construction

Choosing the most effective project management methodology depends on several factors. Project scope Size and complexity Available resources The project goals Skills and experience of the project team Project delivery ...
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What is Project Integration Management, and Why Is It Important?

Project integration management is an often overlooked knowledge area in project management methodology, which can be a mistake. Here's why. Project integration management is the sole overarching knowledge area for ...
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Why Is the Critical Path Method Essential for Project Management?

The Critical Path Method (CPM) is a powerful tool for construction project management. By identifying the essential tasks required to finish the project on time, CPM can help project managers ...
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Scaling Up? You Need a Program Manager on Your Team. Here’s Why

A construction program manager guides your project delivery teams and brings consistency to project execution across your portfolio. So, the question is, does your construction firm have a strategic vision, ...
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Project Portfolio Management Helps E&C Firms Outperform the Competition

According to this 2021 KPMG study, engineering and construction (E&C) firms who invested in technology-driven project portfolio management (PPM) systems emerged from the pandemic in much better condition than their ...
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Choosing the Right Project Management Software for the Job

Construction software apps are increasing in popularity. The potential of this software to help contractors communicate, collaborate, track, and inform is too beneficial to ignore. There are many options available ...
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Construction Exec’s Guide to Building an Enterprise Risk Management Team

Your organization's future depends on the enterprise risk management system you put in place and the team you choose to run it. That's a lot of pressure. As you plot ...
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How Tech is Transforming Construction Resource Management

The fragmented nature of construction makes resource management a never-ending battle, even for the most seasoned professionals.  Fortunately, technology is transforming the industry and providing much-needed relief. See how tech ...
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The Top 5 Project Management Errors

When project managers make mistakes, it can lead to cost and schedule overruns, decreased revenue, legal trouble, and more. Here are the top five project manager errors: 1. Produce inaccurate ...
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The ROI of BPA: How Business Process Automation Benefits Construction

Business process automation (BPA) uses advanced technology to eliminate repetitive tasks, so your team can focus on the work that matters.  That sounds good, but what does it mean? Let’s ...
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business process management

Business Process Management (BPM) and Why It Matters in Construction

The practice of Business Process Management (BPM) involves analyzing and optimizing the processes that achieve specific business objectives. These processes are the sequences of interdependent tasks that ultimately produce value ...
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automating construction

Solving the Construction Industry’s Data Management Problem

More and more industries are turning to data management to improve safety, operational efficiency, and productivity and to maximize profit.  The construction industry is no different.  Billions of dollars in ...
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Integration: The New Frontier in Construction’s Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of the construction industry is building momentum.  Billions of dollars in investment capital are creating new hardware and software systems for construction to improve the metrics of ...
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Five Major Construction Productivity Killers According to Project Managers

Productivity issues have been plaguing the construction industry for decades. Many construction projects experience significant schedule and cost overruns due to one or more of these top five productivity killers ...
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Construction Management Software: Use Only What You Need, But Use It

Everyone in the industry uses construction management software to plan, manage and run their construction projects –even you. Your software may be a standalone system or a cobbled-together tangle of ...
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construction RFIs

A Fast and Simple Guide to Construction RFIs

Construction RFIs are an integral part of every project. When questions arise, conflicts appear, and site conditions change, contractors and their subcontractors don’t have the authority to modify the design ...
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How Project Managers Address Their Top 3 Challenges

Project managers have often said each project is unique. However, there are some constants from job site to job site. Project managers consistently rank staying on schedule, staying on budget, and ...
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Top Project Management Software Features Chosen by Project Managers

Managing a construction project is a complex task. Most projects experience significant delays and cost overruns. The best construction management software can alleviate a lot of problems. Web-based construction software ...
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Preconstruction Planning for Optimum Results: Every Step of the Way

With Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), preconstruction planning includes the team-building, project conception phase, feasibility, design, engineering, and preliminary planning activities required for a project before construction begins.  In a Design-Bid-Build ...
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Improve Safety, Quality, and Productivity in Construction with Lean

Chasing productivity in construction can feel like a losing battle. Subcontractors often can’t keep their commitments, equipment is never where you need it, and material deliveries show up unannounced, late, ...
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Get Lean and Go Digital to Improve Construction Productivity

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Design-Build, and collaborative project delivery systems are solving the construction productivity dilemma. Recent studies predict these collaborative project delivery methods will become ...
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Giving Construction Productivity a Boost with AWP, IPD, and Lean

Project delivery systems have to change if the industry is going to solve the construction productivity dilemma. Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), and Lean Construction are three ...
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Unrealistic Expectations or Poor Project Management? 

How do you know when expectations are unrealistic when managing a construction project? Construction sites are collaborative by nature, and each party has their own agenda. The customer wants something; ...
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The Construction Productivity Dilemma: Why Aren’t We Improving?

Part II of our series on construction productivity explores the many elements that make the construction industry unique, challenging, and primed for disruption.  Basic building processes haven’t changed in decades, ...
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Construction Productivity: Major Improvements with only Minor Changes

Construction productivity figures have been stagnant for years.  But what if you could significantly improve your team’s productivity with just a few minor changes? And what if you can do ...
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Construction Safety: Learning the Hard Way

I started my career in construction the way most others do; I hired on with whoever would take me.  I had no experience or formal training. But I did have ...
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Construction Safety by Design: Improving the Hierarchy of Controls

Improvements to construction safety have been slow in coming.  Before the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act of 1916, employers had no financial incentive to protect their workforce. As a result, safety ...
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Protect Your People: The Proactive Approach to Construction Safety

Historically, construction safety measures have been reactive. Whenever injuries or fatalities occur, we’ve called these events accidents or tragedies.  And if enough accidents and tragedies kill or injure construction workers, ...
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Your Construction Safety Plan is Incomplete Without This Crucial Topic

Content Warning: This post discusses suicidal feelings. The content of this article may be upsetting to some people. If you or someone you know is stressed and struggling, please speak ...
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Construction Safety: Common Myths, Dangers, and Misconceptions

This article is the first in a series of articles addressing the importance of construction safety, mental health awareness, and physical well-being for you, your stakeholders, and your construction teams.  ...
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How Construction Project Managers Stay Organized

A construction project manager needs to be organized. There are too many documents, details, and deadlines to keep in your head. And if you don’t organize those things, you’ll never ...
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The Role of Construction Management Software In Continuous Improvement

The construction companies of the past accomplished some amazing things with simple tools and a ton of determination and grit. They built towering skyscrapers, the Panama Canal, and the “impossible” ...
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construction management software

Why is the AEC Industry Adopting Construction Management Software?

The growing list of architectural, engineering, and construction firms investing in construction management software shows no signs of slowing down. A study by Allied Market Research predicts the Architectural Engineering ...
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construction project management tools

What Are The Most Commonly Used Construction Project Management Tools?

These are the construction project management tools you need to know about if you intend to work as a project manager for a general contractor or construction management (CM) firm ...
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construction project management software

How is Software used in Construction Project Management?

Software isn’t new to construction project management. The Munich-based Nemetschek Group began providing digital solutions to the construction industry in the early-1960s. What is new, however, is the investment engineering ...
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construction project management

The Benefit of Construction Project Management Software at Every Stage

"Construction project management is a professional service that provides a project’s owner(s) with effective management of the project's schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function (CMMA)." Construction project managers have ...
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collaboration in construction handshake

Why Does Collaboration in the Construction Industry Matter in 2023?

This article was originally published on August 5, 2022, and updated on February 8, 2023 Research from Mckinsey & Company promises that collaboration in construction is the key to the ...
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The Benefits of Collaborative Workforce Management in Construction

Recruiting and retaining qualified workers has been a significant post-pandemic challenge for the construction industry. As a result, many contractors ask themselves, “How will we keep our current workforce happy ...
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Linarc Construction Management Software

Speed Projects to Completion with Construction Management Software

Construction management software is leading the industry into the future. Learn how you can complete more projects on time and on budget with this breakthrough technology. The digital transformation is ...
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How to Optimize Your Construction Workflow to Avoid Schedule Delays

Learn how to optimize your construction workflow to prevent costly delays.  Construction projects are full of uncertainties. Shortages in the global supply chain and the lack of skilled labor only ...
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cost overruns

Tips to control cost overruns in a construction Jobsite

Controlling cost overruns are a challenging premise for every construction project -Having a risk management plan is essential A construction project is an expensive undertaking with a high risk of ...
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Is Collaborative Construction Our Path out of Crisis?

We often assume the best way to get ahead is through competition.  That mindset is true in construction, where projects are won or lost based on a competitive bidding structure. ...
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concrete foundations formed and poured at the base of a construction project

Effective Construction Workflow Management: Onboard through Closeout

As construction operations grow in complexity, so does the need for agile, flexible systems to manage their workflows. To conquer this challenge, many organizations are turning to construction workflow management ...
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delay proof construction schedule

5 Strategies To Build A Delay-Proof Construction Schedule

Is it possible to build a delay-proof construction schedule?  Probably not. Delays are inevitable in construction. There are forces beyond our control that derail even the most well-thought out plans.  ...
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image of two people engaged in collaborative construction over a blueprint drawing

5 Ways Collaborative Construction is a Competitive Advantage

According to a recent Deloitte survey, engineering and construction (E&C) executives are investing heavily in technology. Nearly 40% of their operating budgets. The push is to move away from a ...
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sticky notes on kanban board

Collaborative Project Management: The Solution to an Uncertain Future

Inefficiencies continue to plague the construction industry. But there is a solution. In fact, the future of construction (and your business) may just rely on it: Collaborative digital transformation. By working ...
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Chessboard and pieces

The Collaborative Solution to a Competitive Construction Market

Construction is a competitive industry. But new technology and cloud-based collaborative software promise a simple, easy-to-use solution. And when shared with your construction team, this software could also be your ...
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collaborative construction

Comparing collaborative construction management with construction management

Complexities of construction projects ask for collaborative communication, leadership, and planning - Linarc explains this approach and why it is beneficial A construction project requires collaboration among its stakeholders. It ...
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jobsite equipment idle time

Equipment tracking to reduce idle time and avoid site delays

Optimizing equipment idle time is easier with collaborative construction management - Discover how to increase jobsite productivity and enhance profitability with equipment tracking Equipment idle time is a term often ...
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male and female construction workers collaborating

This Collaborative Solution Will Supercharge Your Construction Teams

Construction professionals have the power to create collaborative solution environments by using new construction technology. There are many advantages to working collaboratively in construction. Collaboration improves project performance in the ...
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earned value construction kpi

Earned Value as a critical KPI for contractor satisfaction

In construction projects, ensuring contractor satisfaction and approval becomes challenging. Here, setting Earned value as a construction KPI can measure the project's progress towards accomplishing expectations. Project management teams understand ...
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New Construction Technology

New Construction Technology for Fast Buyouts and Easy Scheduling

Construction professionals are always looking for ways to improve their workflow. This exciting new technology shortens buyout times and creates an easier construction scheduling workflow during the pre-construction phase. Let's ...
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schedule dashboard

The POWERFUL Motivational Tool Hiding in your Construction Schedule

You’re a professional motivator. ‘Motivational Leader’ may not be in your job description, but if you’re in the business of making things happen (and we know you are), then you’re a ...
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project schedule dashboard

Beat Your Construction Schedule with these 4 Key Performance Indicators

What gets measured gets managed. And right now, you’re being measured on how well your teams are managing their construction schedules. Most general contractors only rely on industry-standard key performance indicators ...
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Solutioning data collection for KPI insights on construction jobsite

Construction KPIs face a practical hurdle of data collection at the job site- Technology offers a selection of tools to solve the construction project management challenges KPIs are essential for ...
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construction kpis types

Don’t get Left Behind. Build Your Future with Construction Technology

The adoption of technology in the construction industry is lagging, ‌and the world is tired of waiting. Construction is slow, messy, and unpredictable.  It’s the largest industry in the global ...
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construction collaboration software

Can Your Project Scheduling Software Do This?

Parkinson’s Law: Work expands to fill the time allotted to it. So we meet with our team in the pre-construction phase and work on project scheduling. We build an aggressive ...
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work breakdown structures benefit

How Work Breakdown Structures Benefit Your Schedule AND Your Business

The most successful general contractors are always refining their systems. The Linarc construction scheduler allows your work breakdown structures to be subdivided into field tasks. Thanks to Linarc, every member of your ...
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Every Successful Construction Schedule has this Critical Piece

You know that a successful construction schedule isn't a task to be completed. Construction scheduling is an ongoing process to be managed. A collaborative process which begins in the early ...
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scheduler dashboard

Don’t Follow Construction Scheduling Software. Do THIS instead!

Nearly 60% of general contractors use construction scheduling software to manage projects large and small. But is that enough? It's 3:00 am. In less than three hours, dozens of laborers and ...
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rfi construction contractors

How to automate construction RFI and drastically reduce resolution delays

Importance of construction RFI - issues with non-digital RFI and the need for automation  When it comes to construction RFIs, it is time to change our mindset. Today, we need ...
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technologies for field worker

New construction technologies for the field worker

Discover the advantages of new technologies for construction field workers using automation for better performance Construction is a complex industry that has started to adopt innovation. The industry has always ...
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construction workflow types

Types of the Construction workflow to optimize the Build phase

Explore the many types of construction workflows and why it is essential for successful project completion. Anyone who has tackled a to-do list knows that an all-over-the-place approach doesn't work. ...
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collaboration construction benefits

Recognizing the benefits of collaboration in construction

Collaboration in construction ensures quality and on-time project delivery - explore the multi-fold benefits of using a construction collaboration platform.  Any construction project requires varied design teams, contractors, trades and ...
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quality culture mindset

Driving quality mindset in your company-How to inspire quality as a culture

Stay ahead of your competitors with a quality mindset in your company - Find how to establish an excellent quality management system (QMS) to factor quality as a culture in people. ...
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managing a budget

Challenges of managing a budget in a construction project

Budget management in a construction project is an elaborate responsibility - the right software solution can set the project management team on a path to success. Managing a construction project ...
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cloud payroll

Benefits of choosing cloud payroll software for construction operations

Cloud-based payroll software is becoming a necessary tool for construction management - Discover its advantages, such as automatic salary deposits and managing employee databases effortlessly. Cloud payroll software for construction ...
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cloud computing security

Data security in cloud computing: Is your company information safe?

There are some profound benefits to cloud computing, but there are also some risks. Explore the pros and cons of security in cloud-based software and how to keep your data ...
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construction management tool

Construction management software – Purpose and Benefits

All you need to know about Construction management software - Explore how scheduling software can advance you to success Everyone is aware that construction management software is an investment of ...
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construction schedule maker

Five red flags you need Construction scheduling right now

Do you work around construction scheduling and processes - Discover powerful and practical ways to meet deadlines and avoid delays.  Running construction projects means intensive scheduling basis a solid plan. ...
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cloud construction project

8 reasons build industry is choosing Cloud-based construction software

Explore the Benefits of cloud-based construction software from being highly secure to a single data source Cloud-based construction software is changing the way the traditional construction industry functions. Time, money, ...
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cloud software construction

Cloud-based Construction Management solution- A Checklist

Discover how to check a Construction Management solution - An easy and practical guide to find the right cloud-based construction management software Construction companies have recognized the importance of remote working in ...
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Cloud Construction Software versus Web-based solution – A comparison 

Are you exploring Cloud Construction Software options - Understand the similarities and differences between cloud-base and web-base construction softwares  With the advancement in the construction industry, many companies are opting for remote computing ...
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construction management solution

Construction project management- Six tips to ensure efficient progress

Construction project management is challenging - Explore effective ways of scheduling, collaboration, dashboard to ensure on-time progress The construction industry is a highly cost-intensive and competitive market. Prompt management stances ...
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Sustainable Construction Tree in Building

Sustainable Construction Practices to Save the Planet

Sustainable construction takes some work and planning, but can lead to cost savings and is better for the environment. Sustainable construction has many merits as it aims to reduce waste ...
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Government Building for Paid Covid Leave Bill

Paid Covid Leave Bill, Leaves Employers Holding the Bill

On Feb 2, California legislators introduced the newest bill to reinstate paid covid leave. This bill requires California employers to cover the cost of employees who are absent from work ...
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Off Highway Truck

The 7 Components of a Bulletproof Construction Schedule

Here are seven ways to build a robust construction schedule to help you deliver projects on time and within budget. A significant percentage of projects run over their construction schedule ...
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Detour Ahead Sign

Defining a Reliable Construction Schedule Recovery Plan

All construction projects are at risk of running behind schedule and may need a construction recovery plan. The wide array of unforeseen circumstances that could potentially affect its projected completion ...
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construction metal worker

How Can Construction Companies Follow Lean Construction?

Lean Construction is a decades-long initiative to create safer and more efficient job sites. Our recently published article discusses how construction companies can follow lean construction principles with Linarc. What is Lean ...
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Construction Team

9 Benefits to Keeping Owners and Contractors on the Same Construction Software Platform

Getting owners to work on the same construction software platform as contractors has numerous benefits. Construction sites often consist of multiple teams from separate companies. Each has its internal processes ...
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bridge connection

January Infrastructure Bill Tracker – Where Is the Funding Going?

Notable roadways, bridges & waterways spending were all announced in January’s Infrastructure Bill. With all the excitement over $1.2 Trillion in funding to the nation’s infrastructure, many are wondering where and when ...
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Windmills Offshore

Department of Energy Pushes to Expand Clean Energy Projects

A recent ENR article reports that the US Department of Energy has been paving the way for clean energy projects in the NYC & NJ area. Nearly 500,000 acres of ...
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stopwatch construction

Top 13 Construction Scheduling Software Platforms

Construction Scheduling Software Platforms are very important and can greatly streamline your process. Here's a list of our favorites. Project scheduling is the foremost and vital step in the preconstruction ...
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Construction IT

6 Reasons Linarc is the Best Construction Software for IT Managers

Linarc is the best construction management software platform of choice for IT managers. Read how below. It’s reported that around half of all IT workers experience job related stress. This ...
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Building Sunset

Building Your Construction Knowledge Base And Foster Collaboration

Building your construction knowledge base will help create a collaborate more efficient team. Every construction project is different, and yet all construction projects have some similarities. If you work in ...
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Bridge Ice

How to Prevent Cold Weather Construction Accidents

Cold Weather Construction Accidents are dangerous, but can be prevented by taking measure to keep your crews safe. Recently OSHA announced it’s targeting heat hazards by adding new work safety ...
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construction operations

How To Master Construction Operations Control on Your Job Site

Construction Operations Control takes a coordinated effort across all teams. Linarc can help you with this. It’s one thing to bid a project, it’s another to run it. Any General ...
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general contractor

What’s It’s Like Being a General Contractor

General Contractors have the toughest jobs on the site. Here are some of the highlights of how they spend their day. Awake before the sun rises, and always ready for ...
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construction site man woman

Infrastructure Bill: 1.2 Trillion Dollars Aimed for Construction Companies

The recently signed Infrastructure Bill is the largest in a generation. With it the US is getting a complete makeover of the many segments of its infrastructure. From roads, to ...
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culture of care in construction

Culture of CARE in Construction

Anyone working in the construction industry knows of its longstanding tendency to be stratified along racial lines. While the reasons for this are numerous, many industry leaders are working to ...
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Director of EPA Offers Insights on Justice40 & Environmental Justice

Engineering News-Record recently interviewed Matthew Tejada, the Director of the EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice, and had an enlightening opportunity to hear his thoughts on environmental justice, in particular how ...
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7 Alternative Construction Estimators Are Choosing Over Excel

Read about these top alternative construction estimators here. For decades Excel has been a staple in almost every industry. Even as many providers begin to offer competing programs such as ...
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automating construction

Automating Construction Submittal Workflows To Save Money

Construction Submittal Workflows can be automated with custom construction project management software like Linarc. Submittals are one of the staples of the construction industry. When contractors are about to begin ...
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safety helmet

Safer Construction Helmets Head to US

Protecting construction workers from injuries is a priority for all construction companies. Daily safety huddles, signage with the number of days since an accident, and open-door policies for anyone to ...
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material costs

Prices for Lumber and Plywood Drop Amid Soaring Construction Material Costs

A recent AGC report highlights the rising rates of numerous construction materials costs and the causes behind it. Tariffs and supply chain bottlenecks are cited as leading causes, with construction officials ...
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project management

Linarc vs General Purpose Project Management Software

Project management software need not be cumbersome. The onus is on the software to handle the complexities of project management.  Primavera P6 and MS Project are widely used in construction ...
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lean construction

Lean Construction with Linarc

Construction firms can benefit greatly from embracing lean construction. Well-designed technology will play an essential role in this transformation. Linarc is designed to foster lean construction principles to ensure you ...
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construction technical

Construction Technical Innovation Is the New Frontier

Construction is finally changing with an era of construction technical innovation. All over the world, unions are growing weary of the elephant in the room – automation. "Is this robot ...
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Prevent RFI Delays

How to Prevent RFI Delays for Your Project

Read here how to prevent RFI delays on your construction project. Requests For Information, more frequently referred to as RFIs, are a highly valuable means of communicating with project owners ...
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How Linarc Construction Management Software Keeps Construction Projects on Track

Construction Management Software can help you greatly improve your project efficiency. See the main ways they can help here. It’s widely known that a large number of construction projects fail. ...
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Cost Escalations

3 Reasons Projects Run Rife With Construction Cost Escalations and How To Prevent Them

Construction cost escalations can cause you to lose money and be late to deliver your projects. See the main reasons projects have cost escalations here and how to prevent them. ...
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Construction Cost Estimating

Planning a Budget and Construction Cost Estimating

One essential part of the preconstruction phase is Construction Cost Estimating. The budget dictates everything from what features will be included in the final design, what quality of materials will ...
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Construction Projects

Best Practices for Defining the Scope of Work for Construction Projects

Defining the Scope of Work is one of the most important parts of the preconstruction phase in construction management. The project in its entirety and every subsection therein needs to ...
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Visitor management system

24 Leading Construction Software Applications

See our list of Leading Construction Software Solutions here. Choosing which construction management solution to use is one of the most critical steps in managing a successful project. With so ...
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Reliable Construction Schedule

Building a Reliable Construction Schedule

Establishing a construction schedule is one of the most challenging parts of the preconstruction phase. This one document will heavily influence how successful a project is. It's what keeps a ...
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Collaborative Construction Teams

8 Ways To Build Collaborative Construction Teams

Collaborative Construction Teams are essential to a healthy and productive work environment. Getting your construction team working collaboratively is one of the most important parts of running a construction project. ...
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Project Planners With Plans

What are the most essential features in construction management software?

Read below on the most essential features of construction management software. A construction project is where contractors of different trades and skills work together to build something new. It could ...
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