8 reasons build industry is choosing Cloud-based construction software

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Explore the Benefits of cloud-based construction software from being highly secure to a single data source

Cloud-based construction software is changing the way the traditional construction industry functions. Time, money, and quality are critical for the success of any construction project. Companies choose cloud technology to efficiently manage their projects while reducing costs and improving communication between teams. Let’s discuss the top reasons why your company should opt for cloud-based construction software for construction management.

What are the top benefits of cloud-based software for construction?

Cloud-based construction software has many benefits making it way superior to traditional pen-paper and web-based software. Here are a few:

a. Ease of access
b. Enhanced security
c. Single data source
d. Increase in productivity and accuracy
e. Disaster plan
f. Cost-saving
g. Scalability
h. Hassle-free IT

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Cloud-based construction software Benefits

Ease of access

Construction projects powered by cloud-based construction software get real-time data access to all project documents and files from anywhere at any time. The whole team can access required project files and updates from their homes, office, site, client office, or practically anywhere. You can change devices and still have access to all the information. You can work from your tablet and then seamlessly switch to your smartphone and start working again from where you left off. It also makes remote working possible for the construction industry.

Enhanced security

What makes cloud-based construction software stand out is the high level of security it provides. All data relevant to the construction project gets stored in a high-security cloud. We can all agree that hacking or losing essential documents to cybercrime can be painful. Retrieving lost data is a huge task that can cost money and time. If a high-security cloud maintains your project, then your information is protected. Cloud companies have rigorous cyber security measures. The product is constantly updated with enhanced plans and designs to tackle high-level security threats. A robust system such as this is impossible for an in-house server.

Single data source

All your project data is in one place when using cloud-based construction management software. So there is a single reliable data source from which all your on-site and off-site team members can access and work. As a result, there are fewer inconsistencies and errors as the whole team is working from a single data source. For instance, a change made by the design team sitting in the office will get automatically updated on the cloud for employees accessing the information on the field. As everyone refers to the exact drawings, the team does not need to spend time on manual updates.

Increase in productivity and accuracy

There is a seamless flow of information as the employees get real-time access to the project. If there is any query, it gets resolved quickly, resulting in a boost in productivity. The employees at the site and office are in sync, and the probability of errors reduces drastically.

Disaster plan

If you lose your laptop or a mishap occurs in your office, your data is still secure in the cloud space. You can instantly lose months and months of work in traditional storage systems. Accidents and unexpected emergencies like floods fires can damage on-site storage. By opting for a cloud-based construction management system, you can keep your financial data, project design, and other critical proprietary details safe and get instant backup in case of a mishap.


In the long run, there is a significant cost-benefit of moving to a cloud-based system from equipment, IT, maintenance, software licensing, technology upgrades, etc. Cloud-based construction management software is usually subscription-based. Depending on the company size and needs, you can choose from many flexible plans. Construction companies that opt for cloud technology save on initial overhead costs and increase productivity and revenue.


When opting for a cloud-based construction management solution, it gives you the flexibility to expand depending on your business needs. As your construction company grows or has multiple projects, you will need a more extensive cloud server and vice versa.

Hassle-free IT

The usual IT hassles like server maintenance and upgrade, software updates, data backup are all taken care of by the host cloud company. So your construction company and projects can function smoothly with slight strain on your IT team. In-house servers take colossal space, so you save on precious rental space and need fewer people to manage IT. Cloud-based construction management company sends prior notices about when new upgrades are available so that you can plan work on your end accordingly. It seems the Total time, Estimated cost, Country ISO code, Supply, Tools fields are empty.
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How to choose the best Cloud-based construction software for your jobsite?
Cloud-based construction programs are superior to traditional ways of management and web-based construction management systems. But getting into the process, knowing all the technical details, and picking the appropriate cloud architecture is tough. From the many options available, you must choose the one that provides value for your company and helps achieve your business goals.
Here is how you can approach the process and select the ideal Cloud-based construction technology:

  1. Know your IT needs

    Define and list your expectations before you start exploring the cloud computing software. Make a detailed list of your requirements and needs to assist you in selecting the best option. Your list must include data security requirements, regulatory compliance needs, data storage capability, number of users, and other functional requirements. It would be most suitable if you also considered the budget allocation for the software and the long-term and short-term benefits you want to achieve from the platform.construction-management-service-cloud-software

  2. Understand the types of Cloud construction software

    Having a fair knowledge of Cloud Construction technology and its functions can help you select one that can efficiently manage your projects. You can choose between an all-purpose construction management software or one that covers only essential functions. 

  3. Shortlist your options

    Evaluate the product features, capabilities, flexibility, and support services offered by each construction software. Match these with your company’s scale, requirements, and costs to create a shortlist of suitable product solutions amongst the market offerings.

  4. Select the options that meet your needs

    From the various options you have shortlisted, choose the one that meets the requirement of the company and the employees. It should be easy to understand and work on by the stakeholders. A quick analysis of cost and benefits will help ease the selection process.

  5. Confirm the service details

    Check for the quality and nature of customer service offered by the software company. Also, enquire about the scope of customisations in the software – are they feasible during pre-purchase and post purchase stages. Also, confirm the cloud server location to ensure seamless connectivity.

    Choosing the right cloud-based construction software has many advantages. The programs can lead to efficient management of your construction projects while reducing costs and improving communication between teams. 

Why choose Cloud for Construction

Cloud-based construction software has many benefits making it way superior to traditional pen-paper and web-based software. Here are a few:

a. it is highly secure,
b. you can get instant updates,
c. all your project reports are in one place,
d. work remotely,
e. do real-time team collaboration, and,
f. It is easy to keep backups and project records.

As the industry moves towards Cloud, it’s time to access the technology’s advantages for your organisation. At Linarc, we are geared up to explore the best-fit solution for your needs. Find more with Team Linarc