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Construction Projects as a Team

Linarc is a modern, easy-to-use, all-in-one cloud-based construction management software for teams. Collaborate and manage multiple projects from anywhere. Gain complete visibility into your operations, keep your team accountable, and make informed decisions based on data you can trust.


Stay Connected

Drive Trust and Enhance Collaboration Among Teams

Linarc fosters seamless team collaboration, enabling General Contractors, Sub Contractors, Designers & Architects, and Owners/Developers to work cohesively, ensuring project success.

general contractor

General Contractors

Monitor progress, allocate resources &  communicate with teams effortlessly.

sub contractor


Receive project instructions and stay updated on project changes.

designers architects

Designers & Architects

Share and receive design plans, revisions, and updates in real-time.

owners developers

Owners / Developers

Access real-time data on project timelines, budgets, and milestones.

The Only Project Management Tool You Need

Stay Connected and Manage All Your Projects with Ease

Supercharge your construction productivity and operational efficiency with Linarc's collaborative construction management software platform. Whether you are an architect or a contractor, we make managing all your projects easy, with real-time scheduling, resource allocation, crew assignment, dispatch, payroll, materials management, asset tracking, and more.

Designed for Growth

All the tools you need to bid, win, and deliver on multiple projects with your entire team. A unified data and workflow platform that lets you focus on delivering with the highest standards in quality and team safety.

Empowered Teams and Smarter Decisions

Stay on top of multiple projects and business operations anytime, anywhere. Connect the field to the office and collaborate with all team members with real-time scheduling,

Company-Wide Resource Optimization

Maximize resource utilization by monitoring and tracking use across all projects. Use Lean Construction methods to plan material, crew & equipment needs for the entire company and optimize with just-in-time allocation.

Automated Processes  

Reduce manual entry errors and eliminate re-entering data in multiple systems. Let your team spend less time writing reports and updating data, and more time focusing on what’s most important: your clients and your projects.

Seamless Connectivity

Anywhere there’s Internet, there's Linarc. Linarc’s Workspaces connect everyone working on the same project and centralizes all communications. Track, respond, and share in real-time.

Informed Decisions

Linarc’s dashboards, metrics, and reports give you operational support for faster, more informed decisions. Our project trackers do the heavy lifting for you with automated reports and alerts.

Stay on Track

Stay on top of delivery with real-time project insights. Linarc’s build platform gives you total visibility into all project data so you can meet schedule, cost, safety, and quality goals.


The Power of Real-Time Collaboration

Connectivity at the Heart of Your Operations

Connect, share and make decisions as a team with greater speed and efficiency. Linarc's context-aware collaboration channels break down communication silos, reduce risk and improve ROI. No more email threads and missing important messages.

Unify Project Teams Across Contractors

Linarc's Workspaces bring project teams across contractors and stakeholders together, organizing project information in one central hub. Contextual collaboration lets contractors share the right information with the right people every time.

Instant Field Sync

Power your field communications with our cloud-based secure collaboration, critical updates and document sharing. Live connection lets your office sync with your field teams instantly. Get real-time updates from the field, share schedule changes and collaborate on plan sheets & documents.

Stakeholder Updates

Keep everyone on the same page, every step of the way. Invite external stakeholders to the Project Workspace. Linarc's role-aware access controls let you work together securely.

Rev Up Construction Productivity

Make Better Decisions, 24/7

Shift from reactive to proactive with advanced analytics integrated into Linarc's construction management software. Set, measure, and track key metrics for your business. Keep track of every detail surrounding your operations while strengthening communication between project managers, company management, foremen, dispatch, admins, and field engineers.

Meaningful Dashboards

Get eagle-eyed precision on what matters now. Linarc's dashboards highlight critical data points to guide your decisions.

Active Alerts

Stay on top of action items. No more sticky notes or to-do lists. Linarc will do the heavy lifting for you and notify you of pending items and critical metrics.

Actionable Analytics

Know how your CSI Coded project tasks rank against industry standards to meet project goals and keep pace with the competition.

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The Ultimate Construction Management Software to Support Your Operations

Multiple Projects. Multiple Workflows. One Platform.

Whether you’re a general contractor or a specialty tradesperson, a project manager, foreman, or a construction executive—Linarc keeps you and the rest of the project team on the same page.


Operation Controls

Stay on top of your entire construction business.


Project Management

Keep everything on-budget and on-schedule.


Field Work Management

Coordinate manpower, materials, and equipment with laser accuracy.


Resource Management

Optimize resource utilization across all projects.


Cost & Revenue Traffic

Track project cost & contract-based revenue.



Coordinate with project teams in real-time.


Workflow Management

Achieve peak efficiency with digitization and optimization.

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