Designers & Architects

Ensure Construction Projects Meet Your Vision and Design

Linarc’s construction management software allows architects and designers to make confident decisions for every project, every day. Streamline design processes, share project plans, and collaborate with owners and consultants in real time, to design and build with fewer risks and higher profits.

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Eliminate Disjointed Communication and Version Control Challenges

Boost productivity, improve communications, and create a single verifiable source for every project across all devices.

Exceed Clients’ Expectations without Compromising Speed, Safety, or Aesthetics

As architects and designers, you are involved in the early stages of a project, working closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences and collaborating with multiple stakeholders, including clients, engineers, contractors, and suppliers. Linarc’s construction project management system, architects and designers expand their communications and collaborations and gain better access to version control.

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Take Control of Communications

Share specs, design documents, and other pivotal information while syncing with your team in real time.


Drive Scalability

Use templated forms and exportable reports to document your on-site visits, keeping your design teams, engineers, and clients on the same page.


Monitor Project Lifecycle

Track progress and avoid potential pitfalls by effortlessly monitoring the entire construction project lifecycle.

Accelerate Productivity and Profitability - Consolidate Multiple Expectations into Achievable Milestones

Architects and designers can optimize processes, collaborating seamlessly with the design team, developers, owners, and stakeholders on a centralized project platform. You can maximize resources, ensuring realistic budgets, sustainable practices, and reduced material wastage while avoiding delays by effectively managing resources and identifying operational bottlenecks through Linarc's task scheduler.


Optimize Processes

Create functional designs and help with successful implementation by working alongside the design team, developers, owners, and designers on one centralized platform.


Maximize Resources

Assess realistic budgets and permissible spending for each design element. Ensure sustainability by optimizing resource allocation and reducing material wastage.


Avoid Delays

Curb project delays by understanding resource availability and operational bottlenecks. Reduce backlogs by assigning the right resources for project requirements using Linarc's task scheduler.

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Design Better with Frictionless Communications and Coordination

Linarc provides a collaborative environment, bringing team members, contractors, and vendors together with real-time data exchange and instant messaging, ensuring seamless communication throughout the construction process. By centralizing discussions, image markups, and resources, Linarc establishes a single source of truth, enabling contextual collaboration and easy sharing, simplifying workflows for architects and designers.

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Better Together

Leverage our collaboration platform to unite team members, contractors, and vendors. Exchange real-time data through public or private channels or instant messaging among stakeholders.


Create a Single Source of Project Truth

Pave the way for contextual collaboration with threaded discussions, markup images, and a centralized resource hub and workspace for easy sharing and access.


Effortless Integration

Integrate your favorite audio and video calling tools and calendars with Linarc. Quickly set up meetings to meet your team on-site or in the office.

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