Construction Company

Brings Together All the Companies on a Project

Complete business processes designed for contractors, designers, and owners. Take advantage of Linarc's integrated platform designed for companies involved in the construction process. Do more with a solution that works for your business.

construction company

Specialized Processes Designed to Work in a Collaborative Workspace

No matter the business and the unique processes that you follow, Linarc's customizable platform can be configured to suit your construction company

general contractors

General Contractors

Control project outcomes, plan project delivery, stay on schedule and on budget, connect all data and decisions, manage workflows and all sub-contractors on a unified platform.

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Centralized Schedule

Plan and track projects from start to finish with our Construction Master Schedule and Custom WBS planner


Sub-contractor Management

Invite all sub-contractors to the project and easily keep track of their progress, upcoming milestones, and budget exposure


Workflow Management

Customize or use our standard templates to automate project workflows and let Linarc track progress, set reminders and move the process forward


Bring predictability to your operations and weekly work goals. Give your project team & operations managers visibility into crucial data. Track metrics by project and achieve safety & quality goals.


Task Planning

Plan, schedule and deliver with Linarc's Contractor Scheduler. Stay on target with production planning & quality control.


Resource Utilization

Optimize resource use across all your projects with our resource planner.


Budget Management

Track bid vs actuals across seven crucial data points and take corrective measures quickly to not erode profits

sub contractors
design professionals

Designers & Architects

Whether you are an architect, engineer, or interior designer, publish your concept and design documents to Linarc. Collaborate, ideate, and discuss with owners and consultants in real-time. We put Architects and Designers in control of their plans and designs for the project lifecycle.


Design Process

Promote efficiency, safety, and high quality in the design process. Work closely with the design team, owners, and engineers to create a functional design.


Share & Sync

Share project plans, design documents, spec books, and more into the project library. Linarc makes sure the team is notified of new and revised documents.

Owners & Developers

Take charge of your project portfolio from concept to delivery. Own critical cost, schedule & quality data, and make informed decisions. Be part of construction workflows and avoid undue delays.



Use project workspaces to connect with members of the project team. Collaborate, share, discuss and make critical decisions from wherever you are.


Live Data

Get real-time data on what matters to you. Sync up with progress updates, project financials and stay on top of workflows to avoid delays. 


Project Financials

Make budget, delivery & quality the center of your decisions. Portfolio cost breakdown can help you decide based on profitability impact

owners and developers

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