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Reduce project delivery risks with a collaborative construction scheduler. Empower project teams to rapidly develop construction schedules on a central hub from start to finish. Eliminate contractor silos to promote teamwork and improve communication.

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Manage all your project scheduling needs with Linarc's customizable construction scheduler


Master Schedule

Plan and design the work breakdown structure, milestones, and checkpoints for the entire project. Give project-wide visibility to the delivery plan and track progress and performance.

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Contractor Schedule

Allow contractors to break down activities to field tasks; assign and track resources against budgets & timelines. Sync both schedules as needed to update progress and remaining effort automatically.



Connect the entire project team to the unified master schedule. Start discussions at the grid or a line item: share documents, images, and other attachments. Publish progress updates.

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Linarc marketplace allows you to integrate with other scheduling tools, ERP & financial systems to keep your entire business in sync.  Pull & push data automatically or update data manually as needed.

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Work Breakdown Structure

Visually plan 100% of the work needed to complete a project. Effectively decompose the project scope top-down into work packages. Use WBS to design the main project activities and leave the detailed task breakdown to the schedule. Better control the project execution and accurately verify project completion.

    Sync Schedule

Convert WBS to a master schedule and keep them easily synced. Assign work packages to project contractors to track progress.

    Build from Templates

Save time by using templates. You can break down a work package or pull multiple smaller templates together, package by package.

    Track WBS Progress

Quickly get an overview of WBS-based work progress. Track and stay on top of targets and project delivery.

Schedule Grid

Regular scheduler grid to create a unified view of the project tasks and timeline with customizable columns. Build the project schedule from WBS templates or use the schedule from an earlier project.

    Tree Structure

Nest schedule items in an expandable tree structure with or without WBS. Set the grid to auto-update data from nested objects.

    Custom Columns

Use our extensive set of preset columns and rules. Easily extend with custom columns and rules for common data types.


Share the entire grid or a single-line item. Set share permissions and allow contractors to update progress and remaining effort.

Project Baseline & Revisions

Easily baseline the approved master schedule and track the components - cost, time & scope independently or as an integrated performance metric. Revise baseline as needed to reflect changes in delivery from change orders, progress update, and site events.

    Set Baseline

Build the baseline with a schedule that lists all significant activities with dates, dependencies, and costs to track. Add activities as needed.

    Revise Baseline

Update the baseline for selected activities to revise the performance tracker. Know the impact on days, cost & activites.

    Recovery Schedule

Prepare a recovery schedule and assess the activities to be included and its impact on the overall performance baseline.


Visual Gantt Chart


Critical Path



Gantt Chart

Visualize and manage task dependencies with the editable Gantt chart. View progress data and timeline predictions in a unified view.

    Dependency View

Visually plan projects, including dependencies and milestones. Add predecessors to auto-highlight the critical path and slack.

    Visual editing

Drag task duration, move tasks, and add dependencies easily to reduce project downtime and schedule overrun.

    Manage Constraints

Identify and record time, cost, and resources constraints you want to track and manage. Visually review and edit these constraints if needed.

Critical Path Analysis

Easily organize critical tasks that can affect delivery date and total costs. Increase planning efficiency and reduce the risk of schedule overruns.

    Task Dependencies

Set task duration and dependency types and string together the order of task execution and dates.

    Timeline View

Filter and view tasks on the critical path. Quickly move tasks or dependencies to understand the impact on the project timeline.

    Stakeholder Updates

Share the entire schedule with stakeholders or filter to generate a subset view. Set permissions to easily manage feedback.

Reports & Views

Scheduler reports and views are a powerful way to consolidate performance and impact data regularly. Review trends and progress to know how the project is moving. Export to PDF or Sheets and share/publish to keep the team abreast.

    Design your views

Customize the preset views with the data you want to see. Filter and add columns as you need. Save and share the filter with the project team.

    Generated reports

Use the preset or add custom cadences to generate reports automatically.  Set distribution list by report to ensure team has the latest updates.

    Build your own

Create custom reports to support your data needs. Choose the data you need, build the charts/graphs, set cadence and distribution list.

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