Subcontracting Project Management Software

Construction projects require acute attention to detail, productive communication, and collaboration of plans and people. Even the slightest operational efficiencies can cost your subcontracting business time, money, and resources. Linarc’s advanced, intuitive, all-in-one construction management software enables subcontractors to streamline processes for seamless, swift workflows and efficient communications at every stage of construction projects.


Get Granular Control Over Project Tasks and Improve Coordination

Eliminate potential delays and errors in task assignment, scheduling, and resource allocation. Linarc's software designed for subcontractors provides powerful tools to plan, collaborate, and deliver superior results from beginning to end. Manage workflows, glean complete operational visibility, and keep your team accountable from on-site smartphones and tablets to desktops in the office.

Enhance Productivity and Efficiency by Reducing Delays, Rework, and Conflicts

With Linarc, you can plan your team operations to a ‘T,’ making way for improved construction outputs.

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Close Coordination Gaps

Create a single, verifiable data source by managing all communications, project coordination, jobs, and details in one accessible location. Without a single source of truth, this can result in delays, rework, and potential conflicts with the general contractor or other subcontractors.


Real-Time Communications

Reduce communication gaps when relying on disparate communication channels such as emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings. Communicate directly with your crew in real-time from Linarc’s centralized platform.


Forecast Predictability

Don’t miss out on valuable insights to optimize your subcontracting operations and improve performance. Know and set realistic expectations for project delivery and completion. Break down complex schedules into actionable activities and deliverables with timelines.

Centralize Resource Management

Linarc’s intelligent platform helps subcontractors plan how to distribute their resources and workforce across multiple projects and requirements.


Centralize Requirements

Without a centralized project management system, subcontractors may lack real-time visibility into project progress, milestones, and changes. Understand your needs from the get-go. Create a resource view to plan allocation for upcoming projects.


Centralize Procurement

Eliminate material delays through proactive planning with Linarc’s Procurement Planner. Evaluate and track vendor performance to create a trusted vendor network.


Centralize Crew Management

Leverage Linarc's Dispatch Central to optimize assets across job sites. Monitor resource location, crew, and equipment movement to curb downtimes.

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Improve Your Construction Budgets and ROI

Linarc aids in cutting down construction budgets to help improve your bottom line, ringing in more profits at project delivery.

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Save on Materials

Get the exact quantity of specified materials across projects, order in bulk, and reduce material waste by recording the quantity pulled and consumed for each task and project.


Leverage Lean Assignment

Manage weekly resource assignments with just-in-time allocation. Quickly move assets to the right project and reduce material wastage and equipment costs.


Minimize Budget Risks

Stay in control of your project spending with Linarc’s budget tracker. Closely monitor bid vs. actuals across seven crucial data points and take quick corrective actions to save costs.

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