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Take Control of Your Construction Projects at Scale

Linarc’s cutting-edge construction project management solution allows owners and developers to unlock the full potential of their projects and scale operations confidently. By centralizing project data and communication, our software mitigates the common pain points that often hinder growth in the construction industry. Owners and developers gain real-time visibility into project progress, allowing them to track milestones, manage resources efficiently, and maintain tight budget control.

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The Most Efficient Way to Scale Your Operations

Our construction management tool empowers owners and developers to scale operations by streamlining processes, enhancing collaboration, and optimizing resource utilization, ultimately driving greater efficiency and project success.

Gain Real-Time Connectivity, Eliminate Costly Delays, and Optimize Resource Management

Linarc’s project management system ensures real-time connectivity, eliminating costly delays by facilitating seamless communication and information sharing among stakeholders and optimizing resource allocation and management for efficient project execution.

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Real-time Connectivity

Bring your construction team and contractors together with real-time data-driven contextual collaboration.


Collaboration and Communication

Linarc’s streamlined collaboration and comprehensive document management tools ensure that every stakeholder is on the same page.


Make Resources Available

Share essential documents and files while quickly setting permissions, access, and privacy controls by teams.

Improve Profitability with Tight Budget and Forecasting Control

With seamless change order tracking, risk management, and compliance features, owners and developers can navigate complex projects with ease, paving the way for successful outcomes and the opportunity to expand their construction ventures confidently. Leverage Linarc’s centralized budget planner to track estimates, cost revisions, and change order impacts.


Track Budgets

Maximize every dollar with 7-D cost and performance data while easily linking ‌customized financial reports to collated and WBS costs.


Monitor Actuals vs. Estimates

Minimize exposure risks by maintaining job cost books, knowing your cash-flow impact, and predicting upcoming expenses to streamline budget allocation.


Invite and Integrate

Empower your accountants and cost managers by leveraging Linarc to manage budget workflows. Make way for transparency and dynamic decision-making by integrating your chosen accounting systems with our advanced software.

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Say Goodbye to Unwanted and Costly Project Delays

Managing project changes, scope creep, and variations become complex without a project management system. As an owner or developer, you can face difficulties tracking change orders, evaluating their impact, and ensuring proper documentation and approval processes. With our data-driven workflows and low-code platform, there’s no scope for project delays.

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Create Master Schedules

Plan and implement project delivery on time with Linarc’s construction scheduler. Centralize task and resource allocation and bring project-wide visibility.


Make Data-Driven Decisions

Manage construction workflows with data-driven automation and eliminate delays caused by manual errors and oversight. Design custom workflows without coding or using pre-made templates and generate custom reports to track project progress.


Compliance without Compromise

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and stay on top of your construction workflows with Linarc. Quickly resolve RFIs, create and track change orders, and use pre-made submittal templates to remain compliant.

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