Construction Portfolio Management

Portfolio Manager for Today’s Project Management Office

Efficiently provide portfolio visibility to stakeholders within the company, from executives to team members. Enhance PMO delivery with visual data, pinpoint metrics, and team collaboration. Linarc project portfolio makes it possible to set, measure, and deliver on strategic goals, including revenue, safety, and quality.

Guides to Exceed Company Performance

Measure company performance with construction project portfolio management tools

Projects Tracker

Projects Tracker

Enhance decision quality with the comprehensive projects data board. Link and track budget, cost, timeline, and resource performance to outcomes.

Safety Metrics

Safety Metrics

Prioritize safety with a detailed view on safety incidents, responses, and preventive steps adopted. Measure results from safety initiatives and adopt practices that work best.

Quality Indices

Quality Indices

Get visibility into the root cause of quality issues with data-driven insights. Do not allow failed inspections, rework, and tall punch lists to erode profits and increase project's timeline.

Cost Analytics

Pull together cost performance data for all the projects you manage. Get smart with timeline assessment on how every project is progressing.

Project Cost Timeline

Project cost timeline

Effectively manage cost allocation with historical & predicted cost, cash outlay, and overall profit for every project.

Comparative Task performance

Comparative Task performance

Take control of task performance data across all your projects.  Time charts show you exactly when & why certain tasks exceed estimated costs.

Project Predictions

Project predictions

Look ahead with intelligent analytics and predictive financial models updated regularly. Make insightful decisions and measure its success.

Capacity Planner

Allocate company resources across all projects with an eye on schedule & cost impact.  Make weekly amends and align every project to its objectives.

Weekly Allocation Resourcesheet

Weekly Allocation ResourceSheet

Take advantage of the intelligent ResourceSheet that tabulates project by project resource needs for the week.

Budgetary Overview

Budgetary Overview

Gain insights on budget allocation, current utilization, and prediction by resource type and realign to meet cost objectives.

Capacity Availability

Capacity Availability

Create capacity for new projects by adding to the dashboard. Shift weekly objectives by a small factor and gain the capacity required.

Design Your Portfolio Views to Suit Your Business Needs

We help you design dashboards, data, and views to fit your business needs and company processes. Ask us how we can help you!!

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