Construction Project Workflows

Automate Data-Driven Project Workflows

Allow data-driven automation to manage common construction workflows. Eliminate manual steps and interventions that cause delays, increase inefficiencies and bring in inaccuracies. Linarc lets you design and customizes workflows for every project.

Workflows Built for Construction

Customize any construction management workflow and automate many manual processes

Workflow Templates

Workflow Templates

Get going with easy to adapt multi-step templates for common workflows. Modify the standard template with additional steps, reviewers, and deliverables to suit your project.

Design your own

Design Your Own

Do you have a unique workflow you want to deploy? Add a custom workflow to any build process. Define the steps, user with access permission, and attach it to your project.



Context-aware collaboration allows you to connect with the right team members. Start a conversation, share a markup, or resolve an issue within any process.

Workflow Reports

Workflow reports

Capture performance metrics like average response time, the total number of iterations, and open & closed requests for each type of process with real-time reports & dashboards.

Pre-Built Templates for Common Construction Workflow

 We offer pre-built customizable templates and custom solutions for various types of construction project workflows and company workflows

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Group 2793

Change Order

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Request for Information

Resolve construction RFIs as quickly as they arise. Improve RFI response time by 80% with automatic RFI manager. Track every RFI to completion and record its impact.

    Create from anywhere

Start an RFI from anywhere. Minimize data errors or incomplete information with custom fields by RFI type. Add to plan sheet and markup. Upload supporting images or documents.

    Custom Flows

Automate how an RFI is processed. Use our preset workflow or design custom workflow by type. Quickly remove redundant or duplicate RFIs. Inbuilt collaboration connects everyone responsible for each RFI.

    RFI Metrics

RFI volumes can quickly hold back progress. We measure multiple facets of the RFI flow and identify metrics to reduce friction. Dashboards and reports keep the project team humming.

Change Order

Make it easy for sub-contractors to quickly create, track and share change order requests. Process change orders as quickly as they arise. Get real-time visibility on costs and schedules.

    All Stakeholders

Support for all stakeholders in the change order process from SC to GC and project owner. Customizable workflows track and move the CO to the relevant person and push it through to completion.

    Simplified Process

Start a change order on the web or mobile. Compile all data required: plan sheets, RFIs, and tasks together to support the request. Collaborate within the context with any stakeholder.


Always understand the impact of the change order request on cost & timeline. When approved, auto-update the schedule & budget and share with the project team.


Do more with less effort using Linarc's Submittal Management. Convert spec books to submittal logs. Use templates by submittal type. Set checkpoint and track every log to approval.

    Submittal Management

Throw away excels and limited submittal solutions.  Improve quality and time to review & complete submittals. Linarc's Submittal Manager does it all for you. Connected construction ensures collaboration at every step.

    Use Templates

Improve the speed of approval by controlling the quality of the submittal log. Reuse or quickly generate custom templates for various types of submittals. Mandate the information required and let Linarc verify for completion.


Eliminate email downtime with real-time connectivity. Project workspace and contextual collaboration keep the submittal process humming. Publish and share approved submittals to be available on the field.

Punchlist Manager

Take charge of quality with Linarc's Punchlist Manager. Support every stakeholder in the process with customized checklists and views.

    Punchlist Logs

Stay focussed on quality with a practical and collaborative punchlist manager.  Log, track, and resolve all items from a walkthrough or planned quality checklist review.

    Items Details

Assign a punchlist to the responsible subcontractor, set due dates, and add a review manager. Add details through videos, photos with markup, and attach to plan sheet or location.

    Trackers & Reports

Make informed decisions with our punchlist dashboard that pulls together all the critical metrics for the project. The metrics help every stakeholder minimize the cost impact of poor quality.

Custom-Build Special Project Workflow Templates

Use our workflow builder to design a custom process. Connect data and steps with actions, assign to users, and publish.

Group 2897

Extend any Workflow

Start with a pre-built template and customize. Add/remove steps, duration, and actions. Publish for a project or save it to the toolbox.

Group 2898

Designed for People with Zero Coding Experience

Empower your project teams to build their own workflows. Simply click through to create a new workflow.

Group 2899

Dashboards, Reports & Views

Add status-based metrics to dashboards, generate custom reports and pull special interactive views, and set access rules.

Group 2924

Designable Flows

Group 2902

Integrated workflow manager allows the visual design of multi-step processes with actions, data, due dates, and users.


Group 2904

Get real-time updates as the workflow progresses.  Linarc alerts relevant users of upcoming actions and due dates.


Group 2903

Proven ROI and cost-effective solution that can automate employee benefits to invoice management

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