24 Leading Construction Software Applications

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Choosing which construction management solution to use is one of the most critical steps in managing a successful project. With so many options available it can be dizzying evaluating all the service offerings and product features. Below are the top construction project management software solutions that are essential to effectively and seamlessly manage construction projects.


eSUB is purpose-built for each of the most common types of subcontractors including Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Concrete, HVAC, Drywall, Steel and specialty contractors. The cloud-based system with mobile device support provides seamless communication between field workers and the back office for efficient management of purchase orders, payments, online meetings, issue tracking, and equipment rental tracking. This is in addition to regular features like submittals, RFIs, change orders, and reports. The platform also allows for the integration of ERP-based accounting and drawing applications, among other services. This allows you to connect to Autodesk BIM 360 or PlanGrid for drawings and markup management. Best for – Small, medium, and enterprise-scale subcontractors, and specialty contractors.


Procore is a complete construction project management software solution that connects everyone involved, from stakeholders to field crew members. The cloud-based construction management platform comprises a variety of intuitive tools for preconstruction management, project management, quality and safety management, resource management, and financial management. Procore gives the flexibility to integrate popular tools according to their business needs including 300+ third-party apps. This includes everything from design software, to connecting to your Lowe’s Pro account. Efficient and streamlined organization of project assets like plan drawings, documents, submittals, RFIs, punchlists, photos, gives all members of the team quick access to what they need to get their job done. In this way, Procore fosters smooth and continuous collaboration among workers, companies, vendors, and stakeholders for timely completion of projects safely and within budget. Best for – Small, medium, and enterprise-scale contractors, and construction consultant companies.

Linarc Leading Construction Software

Linarc is an easy-to-use, integrated collaborative platform for construction project management. Its rich and expansive feature set allows users to manage, schedule, measure, predict, and track the progress of multiple projects simultaneously. The role based user interfaces provide role-based access to the data and features that a user needs. The intelligent scheduler lets you build and update schedules based on their field work progress to keep track of schedule variances and helps you stay on top of deliverables. In addition, you can create materials delivery schedules, crew schedules, and equipment schedules and track them from a single interface. Its smart plan sharing system lets you maintain plans with version control and extensive markup tools. You can add helpful markups, attach photos and links to the plans and share them with the required personnel.

Linarc Dispatch Leading Construction Software

Pre-built and customizable workflows let you route and track RFIs, submittals, and punchlists for quicker and error-free resolutions. The platform also features simple-to-use financial tools to track expenditures, change order management, and payroll processing. The specially designed collaboration module gives teams context based conversations organized under relevant topics. The discussion and the attachments are shared only to the selected people on that topic, which ensures secure sharing of sensitive data. The web and mobile apps lets the office staff and project managers obtain crew time card details, task progress updates, safety incidents, and other site conditions for dynamic planning, decision making, and issue tracking. The customizable dashboards and reports provide accurate and real-time metrics across the entire project. You can monitor KPIs to help stakeholders make quick and efficient decisions. Best for – Small, medium and large scale general contractors, specialty contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers and construction companies.


BuilderTrend is a cloud-based construction management software designed for home builders, specialty contractors, home remodelers, and commercial contractors. The suite supports presales processes, project management, finance management, and customer management. The pre-sales tools feature customer relationship management (CRM), bid requests, project proposals, estimates, and email marketing. You can gather leads, run campaigns, and convert leads into customers. The project management tools feature daily logs, To-Do’s, scheduling, document storage, messaging, warranty, and plan markup for smooth job flow. The finance tools feature invoicing, payment processing, budget, purchase orders, integrations, lien waivers, time clock, and change orders to keep track of your billing. The customer management tools feature lets you engage your customers and address any questions or concerns they have. In addition, BuilderTrend supports the integration of applications like Quickbooks and Chase for financial management. The cloud-based system and mobile app provide real-time access to schedules, plans, documents, and reports for users in any location. Best for – Small, medium, and enterprise-scale home builders, remodelers, specialty contractors, and commercial contractors.


FieldWire is a good job site management platform for construction teams. The mobile and web-based construction management software helps everyone in the project team, from project manager to foremen, collaborate in real-time and ensure tasks are executed on schedule. The flexible lean scheduling, dynamic distribution of tasks to subcontractors, and simplified crew scheduling, let field workers of different trades know their tasks in advance. This helps in ensuring timely completion of tasks, accurate progress tracking, and elimination of conflicts between subcontractors. In addition to the plans repository, the ‘as-built’ drawings feature lets you manage drawings with markups, notes, and photo attachments representing what was actually built. At the end of the project you can create an ‘as-built’ documentation, which is a record of exactly what work was completed, and which contractors completed which tasks. The building information modeling (BIM) viewer lets design teams create intuitive 3D model views of the plans which help them in obtaining accurate measurements and make more informed decisions. The reports feature lets you create fully customized views on various items including work progress, punchlists, and site observations. These can be generated on demand, or scheduled to be shared with multiple parties. Best for – Small, medium, and enterprise-scale general contractors, specialty contractors, owners, developers, architect and design firms.

Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk Construction Cloud is a comprehensive field and project management suite that delivers a broad, deep, and connected set of tools for builders. The unified platform accommodates a number of useful tools, including:

  • Autodesk Build – The construction project and field management software connects teams in offices and on site, enabling seamless collaboration, smooth workflows, hurdle-free plans, document sharing, simple RFI management, submittals, change orders, budget, and payments.
  • Autodesk Takeoff – Lets estimators leverage the BIM-based comprehensive 2D and 3D documents to make accurate estimates and competitive bids. The cloud-based data management service provides improved collaboration between estimators and construction teams for a better understanding of design intent and predicted issues throughout the construction process.
  • Autodesk BIM Collaborate – Aids all project teams in design with collaboration and workflow coordination to achieve the intended design. Allows integration of computer-aided design (CAD) software like Revit, Navisworks, Civil 3D, Autocad Plant 3D, and enables access to all members of project teams at various locations.
  • Autodesk Docs – Cloud-based document management solution that acts as a single repository across the project life cycle for all project teams.
  • Building Connected – Allows general contractors to manage the bidding process,  identify the best contractors for the right projects, manage subcontractors, and more.
  • Autodesk Connect – Integrate 200+ business-critical software of different categories to Autodesk Construction Cloud, to exchange critical project data and files.

Autodesk provides flexible pricing models and allows customers to selectively subscribe for the tools as per their business needs and integrate to their platform. Best for – Large scale general contractors, specialty contractors, owners, developers, architect and design firms.


Raken is a cloud-based construction management software that lets stakeholders obtain field data in real time. The intuitive mobile application lets field workers manage daily reports, time cards, collaborative reports, production tracking and safety checklists. The stakeholders at the office can see everything that’s happening on site, in real-time, right from the office. An advanced construction toolbox enables the managers to ensure that the relevant safety practices are followed. Though Raken is primarily a field management platform, it integrates with numerous construction project management apps like Procore, Autodesk, Prolog, for complete project management. Best for – Different types of contractors. Small, medium, and enterprise-scale general contractors, specialty contractors, owners, developers, architect, and design firms.


CoConstruct is an all-in-one construction management software for custom home builders, remodelers, and design/build firms. The web-based console enables effortless management of all aspects of the projects, including single track estimates, budgeting, coordinated scheduling, streamlined bidding, change orders, invoicing, warranty, punchlists, and tracking the project from start to finish. The cloud-based system lets you monitor jobsite activities and manage your projects from anywhere. The well-organized files and photos repository enables sharing the digital assets among stakeholders, participating subcontractors, and clients. You can also share interactive progress with your clients using 360 degrees photos and virtual tours from your custom branded interfaces. CoConstruct supports integration with your QuickBooks and fosters accurate accounting and invoice creation. Best for – Custom/Spec/Production home builders and remodelers and design/build firms.


HCSS offers a suite of interlinked applications that help small to large scale contractors with every stage of their projects, from bid to project close. HeavyBid – Construction estimation software for infrastructure contractors who build highways, bridges, and other heavy construction disciplines. The web-based application helps with faster estimate and bid preparation. You can quickly import department of transportation (DOT) data, copy or pull activities from previous estimates, and standardize subcontractor quotes. You can also import estimates from other project management software like Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project. HeavyJob – HeavyJob connects the operations between the field and the office. The application lets you remotely manage time cards and track job costs. It includes a project management software add-on that lets you create and maintain documents on project details, manage correspondence records relating to RFIs and Submittals. You can also integrate other HCSS products and popular productivity tools like the MS Office. HCSS Safety – The construction site safety management software reduces the burden of safety admins and managers on site. The software collects safety records from previous work and analyzes them to educate the crew on safety measures.HCSS Dispatcher – The construction scheduling and dispatch software helps dispatch specialists in tracking equipment, crew, tools, and rentals. The application integrates with HeavyJob and HeavyBid to receive resource requests, new resources, and meter readings for the dispatch specialist to schedule the resources for dispatch to the site. The software also sends crew setups, equipment, and resources directly to HeavyJob to gather time card data. HCSS Plans – The digital plans management software allows users to upload and publish plans, drawings, specifications, documents, and manuals for sharing among all project teams. You can create plan markups, attach photos, and notes, or create revisions to the plan sheets. You can also create ‘As-Built’ drawings at the end of the project and share them with the stakeholders. HCSS Cloud – The cloud-based hosting for construction management software provides seamless access to all your hosted HCSS applications so your teams can work anytime, anywhere, from any device or operating platform. The interlinked applications can exchange data mutually, for effective project management. For example, HeavyBid can sends your estimate data to HeavyJob to easily build your project and gather real production history for future bids. HCSS allows you to subscribe to the products as required for each of your projects on an ad-hoc basis. Best for – Infrastructure contractors who build highways, bridges, dams, tunnels, airports, railroads, utilities, pipelines, or wastewater treatment plants, stadiums, power plants or earthwork companies such as land clearing, excavation, and mining.


e-Builder Enterprise is a fully integrated, cloud-based construction Program Management Information Solution (PMIS) for capital projects including infrastructure, and large-scale facilities like healthcare, higher education, K-12 schools, government, and commercial establishments. The integrated modules in e-Builder Enterprise help designers, contractors, consultants, and owners to effortlessly and efficiently manage various tasks in different stages, including planning, design, bid management, construction, and operation. The reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) tools provide graphically rich dashboards to gain true insight into project performance. e-Builder features a post-construction repository, to store everything from as-built documents to warranty information, to BIM reference models. Best for – Facility owners and construction organizations of capital improvement programs (CIP), infrastructure projects, large scale facilities like health care, universities, schools, government, and commercial establishments


The cloud-based InEight integrated projects control platform integrates a suite of products of construction management software for capital projects including heavy civil structures like bridges, manufacturing plants, municipal buildings, infrastructure for energy and power projects. InEight product portfolio contains applications that can be selected for integration to your platform depending on your role in the construction industry. The product categories range from planning, scheduling, estimation, document management, field execution, safety and quality, and virtual design. The platform also allows the integration of a large number of third-party project management software of different categories. Best for – Owners, contractors, engineers, and architects undertaking large-scale construction projects in a wide variety of industries, including energy and power, infrastructure, oil, gas and chemical; mining and resources, commercial, or in the public sector.


CMiC construction ERP and field software suite covers automating and improving essential back-office functions – such as accounting, enterprise planning, human capital management, and asset management – as well as field operations, including project management & controls, collaboration, and connecting by mobile. The unified platform ensures that company data is accessed from one place, ensuring everyone across the organization is working on the most up-to-date documents to smoothly run multiple projects on budget and on time. CMiC also comes with pre-built integrations of a number of third party applications including project management, plans and drawings management, payment solutions, and document procession. Best for – General, specialty and heavy/highway contractors and project owners in government, higher education, high technology, hospitality, healthcare and manufacturing sectors.


JOBPROGRESS is a cloud-based business productivity platform for small-scale home improvement contractors. The easy to adopt solution features a customizable job and workflow manager, cloud storage, CRM, professional estimation, quoting and proposals, quick scheduling, staff/production calendars, intuitive dashboards, automated emails, and more. The web-based console and fully functional mobile apps provide seamless collaboration between office staff, field workers, other contractors, and owners and manage the project operations from anywhere. You can also integrate several third-party software like Quickbooks, Eagle view, Google, WordPress, Social media profiles, and Zendesk. Best for – small scale home improvement and remodeling general contractor and of specialty and trade contractors of various disciplines.


ProjectTeam is a construction project management platform designed specifically for the owner, architectural, engineering, and construction industry. The cloud-based implementation allows you to access and manage your projects using your computer, tablet, or phone. The solution enables users to quickly and easily create visual workflows and manage RFIs, drawings, submittals, action items, punchlists, field reports, contracts, change orders, payment applications, and budgets. The highly customizable solution lets you build custom forms and to track project specific information. You can invite users from other companies to collaborate on your project. Reports and dashboards give you a real-time overview of how each process within your project is performing. Best for – Small scale and enterprise-level architectural, engineering, contractors, and builder/developers.


Contractor Foreman is among the most affordable all-in-one construction management software solutions for contractors. The app provides powerful features for project management, financials, accounting, scheduling, planning, safety and incidents, personnel, subcontractors and vendors management, forms checklists, and reports. The easy-to-use interfaces let you create and manage estimates, schedules, subcontracts, daily logs, time cards, online signatures, invoices, RFIs, submittals, change orders, purchase orders, bids, and safety topics. The web and mobile apps allow you to access and manage your projects from anywhere. The customizable dashboard shows metrics such as clocked-in employees and locations, appointments and calendars, corporate notes, and local weather. You can also integrate third-party automation and accounting services like Zapier and QuickBooks. Best for – Small and medium-size contractors


FONN is a user-friendly construction project management software solution for contractors of different sizes and trades. The flexible system can be tailored to the needs of your business by activating features as needed. The cloud-based system enables organized central storage of plans, photos, documents, and other files so users always access the latest version. The solution features Gantt chart-based scheduling, checklists, task management RFIs, and Submittal management. The BIM integration helps in creating 3D models on both the web and mobile. Privileged users can seamlessly collaborate with any participant at any time without relying on project managers. This helps to resolve issues and address deviations on time. Automated reports with custom branding keep valuable information in the hands of company leaders. Best for – Small, medium, and enterprise-scale commercial general contractors, specialty contractors, residential builders, facilities management services, developers, architects, and engineers.


Projul is a construction management platform for small and medium construction companies, general contractors, remodelers, and specialty contractors. The all-in-one suite allows customers to manage projects from the pre-sales stage to close-out. Projul is loaded with a number of easy-to-use and time-saving features that will make your company more productive & profitable. Features include pre-sales and lead management, markups sharing, geo-fencing, employee time tracking, warranty management, and change orders management. A QuickBooks integration is also available for accounting. Best for – Small and medium construction companies, general contractors, remodelers, and specialty contractors.


Knowify is a construction project management software application for home remodelers, specialty contractors, and subcontractors. The built-in CRM and proposals tools lets you manage your sales pipeline from leads to closed deals. The project management tools let you easily manage schedules, purchase orders, documents, submittals, RFIs, and change orders. The real-time job costing, time tracking, and reporting tools help you to keep track of the expenditure deviations from the budget and help you make faster decisions. The mobile device support provides access to your business data from anywhere, connects your office with your field crews for scheduling, messaging, geolocation, and enables time, expense, and daily log tracking from the field. Knowify allows a number of popular integrations including accounting, online payments, time tracking, insurance, payroll, and permit applications. Examples include QuickBooks, Square, PaySimple, Clockshark, AP Intego, and Zapier. Best for – Small and medium scale residential building general contractors, home remodelers, specialty contractors, and subcontractors like electrical, plumbing, HVAC, painting, and concrete.

Pro Crew Schedule

Pro Crew Schedule is a cloud-based construction management software for subcontractors. The scheduling tool include an intuitive list view and calendar view so you can easily schedule tasks for the entire project on one screen. The digital time cards management with the built-in approval process, includes work progress tracking and simplifies payment processing for employees and subcontractors. The cloud-based unlimited centralized document storage lets you store blueprints, job photos, estimates and quotes, past contract paperwork, and invoices, providing easy access to all relevant parties. The real-time communication between field and office lets workers and office staff quickly resolve issues by sharing photographs or other critical information. The centralized inventory control feature helps you digitize and automate your inventory of construction materials, tools, and equipment, for more efficient management and on-time dispatch of materials and equipment. Pro Crew Schedule allows integration of third-party automation and accounting services like Zapier and QuickBooks. Best for – Specialty contractors and subcontractors of various trades including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, concrete, roofing, and plumbing.


LETSBUILD is a cloud-based construction project management software application for residential, commercial, and civil contractors. The platform hosts built-in tools for project planning, progress tracking, communication, quality management, project control, and insights and reporting. It features a sharable on-site live view of the project which gives project managers and stakeholders full task visibility in real-time to make better decisions faste and, collaborate effectively with the team and workers. LETSBUILD also allows integration of several third-party software of various categories, including scheduling, BIM, contact management, document management, QHSE (Quality, Health Safety, and Environment) management automation, and productivity, and more. Best for – Large scale residential, commercial and civil contractors.


Revizto is a building information modeling (BIM) based integrated collaboration platform for architects, contractors, and engineers. The single platform lets the entire project team collaborate, track issues and workflows on 2D sheets and 3D models. In addition, the true-to-scale VR experience lets specialists explore the real-model data and coordination issues within seconds. The model-based sharing of tasks between the architect, construction, and engineering teams provides for effective and error-free execution and quick identification and resolution of issues. Revizto supports various plug-ins like ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Navisworks, Revit, and more to keep collaborators using different tools, in-sync. Best for – Larger scale architects, contractors, engineers, and owners of residential and commercial constructions, infrastructure, healthcare facilities, sports and entertainment facilities, transportation and historical renovations.


ConstructionOnline is a cloud-based construction software tool for construction project management from sales to close-out. The platform features a CRM for customer management, advanced estimating and job costing tools, intuitive scheduling with calendar, baseline and reminders, cloud-based files and photos management, document tracking management for RFIs, submittals, transmittals, plan sharing and markups. Special features include dynamic take-off that lets you easily measure area, perimeter, volume, counts from your plans and assign material and labor costs to process and upload batches of a large number of files to the cloud storage at once. The web-based console and the mobile app provides for seamless collaboration between the teams at the office and onsite, for sharing clarifications, schedule changes, critical task updates, job site instructions, onsite conditions, delays, and incidents. The fully featured mobile application let you access and manage project data like schedules, RFIs, change orders, and create plan markups. Construction online allows the integration of various accounting and project management software like QuickBooks, Oracle Primavera, and Microsoft Project. Best for – Small, medium, and large scale residential contractors, specialty and subcontractors, commercial contractors, industrial contractors, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) companies.


RedTeam is a construction collaboration platform for commercial contractors. The comprehensive platform features tools to work on preconstruction, project management on-and-off the field, and financial management. The CRM lets you monitor upcoming projects and track them to convert them to opportunities. The intuitive Gantt scheduling tool simplifies the creation and management of schedules and also allows importing schedules from Microsoft Project. The cloud-based project management system comes with pre-designed workflows for submittals, RFIs, and change orders for organized collaboration and tracking. The native mobile app lets you perform remote field management including staff time tracking, and progress reports. The report tool provides insights including project work in progress (WIP), RFI logs,and owner reports. Redteam allows integration of various project management, accounting, and document processing software like QuickBooks Online, Sage, LevelSet, and Docusign. Best for – Commercial contractors


Sitemax is a cloud-based construction management software application for general contractors, subcontractors, and owners. The mobile app for field supervisors features daily reports, crew time card management, safety management, purchase orders, and progress photo management, all in one place. The QR code-based assets management system allows tracking tools and equipment across all your projects. The seamless collaboration and web-based office tools simplify the real-time acquisition of reports from the job site, manage tasks, documents, plans and markups, RFIs, and change orders. Best for – Small and medium scale general contractors, subcontractors owners and developers.