Can Your Project Scheduling Software Do This?

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Parkinson’s Law: Work expands to fill the time allotted to it. So we meet with our team in the pre-construction phase and work on project scheduling. We build an aggressive schedule management plan. 

Scope creep and design issues will play a factor. And weather and material delays will compound our challenges. But ‌we’re prepared. We create a comprehensive Critical Path Method schedule with reasonable float values to hit our critical milestones.

We know it won’t be easy. Meeting aggressive deadlines never is. But the project schedule needs to reflect the hard reality of the owner’s expectations, timeframe, and finances.

But what if aggressive project scheduling isn’t the answer?

What if that’s part of the problem?

The 2021 global study by HKA (download) confirms typical construction projects overrun their schedules by an average of 17 months. And the cause? 

Over 35% of construction teams failed to prepare an adequate scheduling management plan (SMP) during the pre-construction phase. The disconnected installation crews couldn’t meet their deadlines and their disorganized management teams couldn’t help.

And those disorganized, disconnected contractors were expensive too, at a cost of $73bn in project overruns and wasted capital.

Working under the stress of unreachable goals is demoralizing. But missing our targets, disappointing our customers, and losing money too? That’s even worse. Teams that fall short fall apart.

And you’re smarter than that. So what’s the smart move?

Intelligent Project Scheduling and Project Schedule Management

New technologies in the construction industry are changing the landscape. We’ve never had this much connectivity or potential for improvement.

We now have the leverage to: 

  • Reduce friction.
  • Remove information silos.
  • Improve every form of communication
    • Documents
    • Email
    • Photos
    • Markup and text
    • Across multiple channels in real time
  • Refine our scheduling and improve our project performance

Which means we have the tools to build safely, be more productive, more profitable, and to complete our projects on time and with less financial risk.

But clearly, the new technology is not enough

The culture needs to change

And this is critical to understand. Because every successful shift in culture begins with leadership. 

And that’s you.

New scheduling technology gives the leaders in our industry a golden opportunity for connection. 

And connection always leads to a better way forward.

The Linarc collaborative project scheduling system encourages connection and leadership

And with the power of collaborative leadership, the construction industry has a genuine opportunity for growth.  

With everyone connected on the same platform, management can communicate, collaborate, and lead the workforce. 

Sharing direct communication with our team has never been easier. 

And this connectivity empowers the frontline trades, enabling them to join the conversation, sharing timely, relevant, actionable feedback with everyone on the team.  

Project Schedule Conversations -not commandments

One way to take advantage of this opportunity is through the Work Breakdown Structure system in Linarc.

For instance, as work supervisors submit their daily work reports, the time and work entries automatically sync with the work packages in the WBS system. That day’s production is instantly matched and compared with the WBS projections.

Project managers, superintendents and supervisors are immediately engaged, adjusting the schedule based on accurate, real-time data. These exchanges can include checklists, photos, videos and text–all available in instantly. 

This open dialogue creates a culture of trust, inclusion, and collaboration

Project management teams can easily submit RFI’s, change events, and adjust work packages based on actionable data and valuable feedback from the field. And this allows the work teams and subcontractors to play active leadership roles. 

Because leaders proactively engage with management and request support. And leaders assist with the allocation of resources to meet project demands.

Now everyone has a voice. And everyone has an active leadership role.

We have the power to create a project schedule that serves as an interactive leadership tool instead of an outdated calendar for our teams to follow and chase.

Working together, management and installation teams can make better project scheduling decisions

This saves time, improves performance, and keeps the project on track. 

Meaningful culture change comes about only when companies rethink how they manage, lead, and pursue strategic goals.”

MICHAEL BEER Harvard Business School, Cahners-Rabb Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus

Actively engaging with your teams and subcontractors provides much needed leadership, encouragement and support. And now it’s easier than ever. 

Want the good news? Your Linarc project scheduling software is the perfect solution:

  • Seamless connectivity with all your stakeholders
    1. Customers, developers, owners, and owner representatives
    2. Design professionals, architects and engineers
    3. Self-perform teams, subcontractors and their teams
    4. ERP, accounting and finance
    5. Suppliers, manufacturers and delivery carriers. 
  • Transparent operations and streamlined decision-making
    1. Clearly defined objectives in plain language -and at everyone’s fingertips
    2. Actionable task assignments
    3. Decentralized decision-making
    4. Creating much needed change in less time.
  • Collaborative exchange of information
    1. Promotes creative thinking and independence
    2. Instilling mutual loyalty and trust
    3. Shifting your organizational culture towards cooperation and connection.

Your Linarc Project Scheduling Software can do all of this, and more… if you choose to Lead

Give your people the power to perform at their best.

Join the conversation. Create a culture of collaboration and inclusion, where every voice matters.

Don’t just follow your project scheduling software. Use your schedule to Lead with Linarc.

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