Choosing the Right Project Management Software for the Job


Construction software apps are increasing in popularity. The potential of this software to help contractors communicate, collaborate, track, and inform is too beneficial to ignore. There are many options available from high-end to common to general to niche. How can you choose the right project management software for the job? 

The first quality of a good project management app is ease of use. People are more likely to do something if it’s easy. You should easily see the status of tasks from an easy-to-read dashboard. And easily create reports and map out your construction workflow process. 

And, if it’s easy to use, it’s easy to teach. General contractors (GCs) benefit greatly when the trades and the client use the same software as the GC and use it in the manner determined by the GC. Teaching the trades and the client about the limited functionality they need will increase their software usage and greatly enhance your project management potential. 

The Linarc project management and collaboration software has an easy-to-read dashboard with all essential project information. And it comes with several automated features that decrease workloads and provide context to decision-makers. 

Choose the right project management software

The next must-have quality a project management software requires is accessibility to everyone who can benefit the project through their use of it. 

So, it should have permissions that allow people to interact with the software and make changes according to their responsibility. And it should be available offline so people working in the field without Wi-Fi access can still access it. 

For this reason, a cloud-based construction management software is recommended. 

construction project manager

With Linarc collaborative construction management software, you can collaborate with project contractors, reduce time to decisions, and improve quality with data-driven contextual collaboration. The software is accessible via mobile and in the office. And permissions can be granted to individual users so they can participate according to their roles. And Linarc’s Master and Field schedules work together to keep the project in sync.

Because not all projects are the same, a good project management software should be flexible. Templates should be customizable as should report building. This will allow end-users to use one software on various job sites without sacrificing ease of use, time, quality, or performance.

And finally, a good project management software should be able to tie into other software, such as estimation and finances. Exporting and importing data to and from other sources will decrease manual data entry and the corresponding number of human-related errors. It will also help your company break down the silos in which your teams are currently working.