Don’t get Left Behind. Build Your Future with Construction Technology

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The adoption of technology in the construction industry is lagging, ‌and the world is tired of waiting.

Construction is slow, messy, and unpredictable. 

It’s the largest industry in the global economy, contributing 13% towards global GDP. Yet it fails to meet its own project schedules over 60% of the time. 

Inefficiencies in the construction industry cost owners and developers $73 Billion annually in wasted capital. And suppliers, general contractors and specialty trades aren’t doing much better. Construction material costs and the industry’s inherent financial risks are on the rise, while the pool of skilled talent and overall profit margins continue to shrink.

But even in the face of these challenges, the construction industry has a bright and promising future. Future-ready contractors with innovative ideas have a sizable advantage against their slower, tech-averse competition.

So what are you waiting for?

Adopt Construction Technology now –or Get Out of the Way

As far back as 2020, this McKinsey & Company study identified $265 billion in new and shifting profit opportunities for the bold leaders of this industry. And all you need to do is adopt the technology that already exists. 

Even the federal government, traditionally known for being slow and bureaucratic, is investing $100M in construction tech as part of the 2021 Infrastructure legislation. 

Adopting new technology hasn’t been easy

Some construction management systems require a heavy initial investment and a long-term commitment. New technology can sometimes be difficult to learn for an aging workforce.

And many of the construction firms who ‌now use technology were simply reacting to the global pandemic. Doing what‌ was necessary to survive. They didn’t have time to develop a strategic plan for the deployment of these new technologies. And many haven’t created the systems, or hired the talent they required to interpret the data they now have at their fingertips.

But we now know the future of construction depends on technology

Throughout the pandemic, the evidence has shown that early collaboration between design, build, capital resource, and sustainability teams can reduce or completely eliminate several critical issues.

And digital technologies make early collaboration convenient and affordable. 

  • Clarity of design intent shared by all stakeholders through digital platforms easily eliminates disputes and reduces future change events
  • Early constructability and risk management assessment via 3-D planning, virtual or augmented reality.
    1. Easily and affordably adjusts design parameters to meet owner expectations and site conditions
    2. Creates realistic budgets and prevents up-charges, overage and claims
  • Opportunity to employ alternative construction methods, saving time, energy and the earth’s valuable resources  
  • Preemptive conflict detection in pre-construction allows low-cost corrective solutions early, avoiding high-cost, high-risk reactive measures later 
  • Collaborative pre-construction planning sharply curtails scope-creep and keeps schedule and budget variances under control  
  • Accurate capital resource planning allows higher and more predictable ROI beginning with design, through construction, and throughout the lifecycle of constructed assets 

All of this can occur safely, affordably, and remotely–collaborating with agile construction leaders from anywhere in the world. And all before we ever disturb a single blade of grass.

The early adopters of these digital transformations hold a strategic advantage

The early adopters of construction tech will be the leaders of the construction industry. They will carry us forward into the 21st century. And they will also reap the highest rewards; improving safety, compliance, productivity, and profitability for themselves, their organizations, and their clients. 

While leaving the followers behind to play catch-up.

Agile leaders are already using construction technology to create opportunities, drive performance, and develop a culture that embraces fresh, innovative thinking. They are building the construction enterprise of the future.

Don’t get left behind. Build your Future with Construction Technology

Transforming your organization into a truly connected enterprise is clearly a strategic advantage. But that transformation depends on cloud-based, open collaboration. 

The construction enterprise of the future will operate safely, productively and cost-effectively with these basic, core technologies in place:

  1. Collaborative construction management platform
    1. Easy, intuitive interface -in the office or out in the field
    2. Collaborative construction scheduler at your fingertips
    3. A process-oriented plan, photo, text and document sharing platform
    4. Mark-up and document tracking capabilities
    5. Public and private channel messaging 
    6. Open API for future expansion
  2. Cloud-based, collaborative reporting platform
    1. Transparent operational reporting provides all stakeholders with immediate insights to plan forward, instead of being caught in reaction-mode to unforeseen events
    2. Real-time reporting encourages accuracy and accountability in the field
  3. Secure, cloud-based resource management
    1. Tracks contractor budget exposure based on work progress 
    2. Allows owners, developers and project managers to stay on top of the budget
  4. Collaborative, secure leadership platform
    1. Open dialogue on a secure, shared platform creates a culture of trust, inclusion and personal ownership in project outcomes
    2. Working together, design, management, supply and installation teams make better project decisions 

Let’s Build Your Construction Technology Plan Together

The future of construction relies on technology. 

Forward-thinking contractors who build safety, productivity and sustainability into their operations are profitable and built to last. Only they can meet the demands of an ever-changing industry, and still offer competitive pricing, accurate scheduling, and quality installation to their clients.

These early adopters stand ready to capitalize on the inevitable changes to the construction management landscape. They will play an active role in developing their own careers, while empowering their organizations to move forward, safely, productively and profitably, now and well into the future.

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