Integration: The New Frontier in Construction’s Digital Transformation


The digital transformation of the construction industry is building momentum.  Billions of dollars in investment capital are creating new hardware and software systems for construction to improve the metrics of Safety, Quality, Schedule, and Cost (SQSC).  The industry may be slow to change, but change is happening regardless. The winners in this emerging landscape will…

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Five Major Construction Productivity Killers According to Project Managers

Productivity issues have been plaguing the construction industry for decades. Many construction projects experience significant schedule and cost overruns due to one or more of these top five productivity killers according to project managers across the US. Lack of equipment Numerous project managers have cited the lack of equipment as one of their leading productivity…

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A Fast and Simple Guide to Construction RFIs

construction RFIs

Construction RFIs are an integral part of every project. When questions arise, conflicts appear, and site conditions change, contractors and their subcontractors don’t have the authority to modify the design or waiver from the construction process without written approval.  So when field conditions don’t match the design drawings, the construction team must submit a Request…

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How Project Managers Address Their Top 3 Challenges

Project managers have often said each project is unique. However, there are some constants from job site to job site. Project managers consistently rank staying on schedule, staying on budget, and managing as-builts as three of their top project management challenges.  Improve your project management skills by learning these tips for staying on schedule, staying on…

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Top Project Management Software Features Chosen by Project Managers

Managing a construction project is a complex task. Most projects experience significant delays and cost overruns. The best construction management software can alleviate a lot of problems. Web-based construction software includes construction scheduling tools, project management financial tracking, and collaboration tools. It’s increasingly making project management more straightforward, leading to fewer delays and excess costs. …

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Preconstruction Planning for Optimum Results: Every Step of the Way


With Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), preconstruction planning includes the team-building, project conception phase, feasibility, design, engineering, and preliminary planning activities required for a project before construction begins.  In a Design-Bid-Build scenario, preconstruction planning is different. In the preconstruction phase for Design-Bid-Build projects, the design is complete, so the construction firm awarded the contract begins by…

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