7 Tips for Effective Construction Budget Control


Effective construction budget control is a top priority for successful project managers. Controlling the budget for a construction project requires significant planning and oversight throughout all phases of the project. Here are seven tips to help ensure your project budget stays on track and under control from kick-off through completion. Tip #1: Define clear objectives…

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Here’s How to Choose the Perfect Construction Management Software


Contractors: Looking for the right construction management software to manage your crews, projects, and business? Find the perfect solution for managing multiple jobs, allocating resources, deploying your skilled workforce, and delivering more projects on time and under budget with less stress, headache, and hassle. As a contractor, you’re under constant stress. Between the challenges of…

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Construction Change Orders: What They Are, and What They’re Not


Change orders are an essential part of any construction project. But not all design changes, scope, or schedule modifications justify a change order. Let’s look at five situations that change your contract documents without requiring a change order and why they matter. What is a construction change order? Change orders are legal agreements that modify…

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Construction Submittals: A Simple Guide for Busy Project Managers


Construction submittals are an essential element of every construction project. And yet the submittal process can take a lot of time. And that makes the submittal process worthy of investigation. Are there areas of your submittal process you could improve? What are construction submittals? Submittals are narratives, technical documentation, shop drawings, blueprints, digital files, or…

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Construction RFIs: A Project Manager’s Perspective


Love them or hate them, construction RFIs (Request for Information) are part of your job. As a project manager, you will likely have to respond to several of them during a typical construction project. Me? I love RFIs. I love to see my team digging into the plans, looking ahead, plotting their strategy, and questioning…

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What Are the Different Types of Change Orders for Construction?


From access change orders to value-engineered substitution requests, it’s essential to know the ins and outs of change orders in every type. Let’s review the different types of change orders, their implications, and how they come up during the construction project lifecycle. What are change orders (CO)? Change Orders (CO) are legal documents that change…

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