Lean Construction with Linarc

lean construction

Construction firms can benefit greatly from embracing lean construction. Well-designed technology will play an essential role in this transformation. Linarc is designed to foster lean construction principles to ensure you and your team are highly efficient.

The Integration Problem 

In the construction industry, various tech services are used to accomplish different tasks. While some companies use four or five separate software applications, others may use as many as 14! In both scenarios, the integration of different products remains a problem. Often companies attempt to work through such issues by ignoring their presence and persisting with brute force methods of getting things done. They have someone on their team manually copy information from one system to the next or manually tally figures for reports. This puts them in a trade-off situation. Companies become limited in their capabilities by only using a few products with narrow feature sets. Or they suffer losses of efficiency from using too many.

In environments as complex as construction, it’s easy for inconsistencies to remain hidden. Lean principles of active learning and thinking of long-term benefits are overlooked in a rush to meet deadlines. Construction has no time to stop and think about how to do things more efficiently. It is no surprise that the construction industry remains underinvested in technology going into the 2020s. Meanwhile, technology has steadily grown more powerful through the years. These obstacles are being overcome as high-performance cloud software is set to transform construction management across industries.

Linarc is a digital collaboration suite to facilitate this change. Our products will enable companies to accomplish various tasks within an integrated platform. Linarc resolves inconsistencies by reducing the need for 14 different software without compromising performance. The consistent design makes it easy for companies to interact within our platform. Linarc’s well-thought-out suite is a complete solution to the integration problem.

RFI Integration with Lean Construction
RFI Integration

Linarc and Lean Construction

Like lean construction, Linarc strives to increase company productivity and provide value to organizations. Lean is building on the philosophy of thinking about principles first. As Research Director at the Lean Construction Institute Glenn Ballard points out, promises of value delivery are made to people and not to schedules. So, it is surprising when the highest priority is sticking to the schedule instead of communicating expectations with clients and stakeholders.

Lean urges companies to form networks of commitment instead of forcing employees to comply with timelines. Honest and effective communication to ensure value delivery is the highest goal of collaboration. Linarc’s collaboration app can be used to interact with company members in productive ways. Integrated with all of Linarc’s products, the collaboration app functions as a bedrock. Teams can communicate naturally with other members to discuss problems and opportunities.

Collaboration App for Lean Construction
Collaboration App

Lean philosophizes that while the cost and time available for a project are limited and become constraints to work within, the value that can be delivered to the client is limitless. Lean trains managers to think about long-term returns while making decisions, even if it results in short-term losses. With construction firms tackling unique projects every time, innovation becomes imperative. Creative planning is bound to reveal better designs and strategies, generating more significant net benefits, or at the very least, decreasing costs!

Equipment Report for Lean Construction
Equipment Report


Linarc drives innovation in an organization by taking care of the logistics of management. With peak performance at employees’ fingertips, the need to carry out menial tasks is reduced. Neat data handling and crafting of relevant reports by Linarc’s products frees up employees’ minds to think of new ideas.

Linarc replaces a host of unintegrated products with a family of advanced alternatives, where collaboration is emphasized, and integration is widely achievable. Our platform proves to be an invaluable lean resource for companies, improving their social and financial environments.