Construction Productivity: Major Improvements with only Minor Changes


Construction productivity figures have been stagnant for years. 

But what if you could significantly improve your team’s productivity with just a few minor changes?

And what if you can do it with the tools and resources already at your fingertips?

Leveraging technology to improve construction productivity 

Technology has been creeping into the construction industry for decades. 

GPS, CAD, and construction estimating software are commonplace now. 

And while some of the more promising technologies like BIM are costly and require extensive training to implement, many other systems are simple, affordable, and even free.

Cloud-based scheduling for construction productivity 

Construction firms of all sizes rely on their schedules to stay on track, but some companies still rely on Excel spreadsheets to manage their projects.

Spreadsheets work, and they’re easy to use. But spreadsheets can be hard to share–especially with all the changes. 


That’s because after you’ve updated the schedule in a spreadsheet, you have to print new versions and send them out to all your team members.

But let’s be honest, most of the time, your team members don’t pay attention to the schedule for that very reason–because it’s constantly changing.

As a result, your team members learn to ignore the schedule and do things when they want and how they want. 

And that’s not very productive.  

But what if everyone had an updated schedule in their pocket?

Cloud-based scheduling platforms simplify the coordination of multiple work crews, and it’s just as easy to use as Excel and maybe easier.

If you’re used to scheduling with Excel, construction scheduling software will be a breeze.

And because the schedule is digital, it’s stored and updated in the cloud. 

That means your construction schedule is always accurate and available; on desktop, tablet, and mobile phones. 

So everyone on your team always has the latest, most accurate schedule to follow daily.


Better document management means fewer errors and greater construction productivity.

How many RFIs do you deal with on a typical construction project? 

Some RFIs turn into plan revisions, and others become change orders or directives, meaning your plan sheets are constantly changing.  

So what happens when your team members don’t have the latest plan revisions? 

  • Slowdowns
  • Mistakes
  • Re-work

And how much does all that cost you?

You lose more than time when your team doesn’t have accurate plans.

What if everyone had the latest plan revisions in the palm of their hand?

Cloud-based document storage means the latest change orders, plan sheets, and RFIs are readily accessible from anywhere; in the office, on the road, or in the field.

The software makes it easy to store updated plan sheets in the mobile app so everyone can access a single source of truth. 

And having a single source of truth in the palm of everyone’s hand keeps everyone updated and up to speed–no matter where they are and how many times the plans change.

Wouldn’t that make your teams more productive?

What if you could be with every one of your employees every day?

Imagine if you could talk to each of your employees every single day.

What would that do for productivity on your job sites?

Technology lets you do that.

In addition to document management and scheduling, construction management software is packed with productivity-boosting features that keep you connected and in touch with the people who matter most.

But you don’t need to use them all. Just choose one to start. 

Which of these features would help you the most?

  • Monitor production on an easy-to-use dashboard 
  • Keep in synch with your work crews as they submit daily logs through their mobile app.
  • Deliver daily toolbox talks to everyone’s cellphones to keep your people working safely.
  • Mark up plan sheets and attach them to work orders, so work gets done accurately and more efficiently the first time.  
  • Assign specific tasks to eliminate the guesswork and errors that cause delays.
  • Train new hires remotely by including visual guidance in a mobile app.
  • Communicate with everyone on your team–in the office or the field.  

Better resource management means greater productivity  

Getting your people the needed resources is critical to reducing cycle times and staying productive.

But keeping track of all your equipment, tools, and materials across your entire project portfolio can be difficult.


Resource management software built for construction simplifies the search and puts all your resources right at your fingertips.

That means your work crews can have what they need to be their most productive.

Even minor improvements to construction productivity make a difference.

The construction industry is slow to change, and not everyone is comfortable with technology. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be more productive. 

Take advantage of construction technology to manage your schedule, documents, RFIs, and change orders. 

Stay in touch with your team members and keep them up to date.

Keep your people safe and healthy by providing confidential resources through a company-branded mobile app. 

And these are just a few ways construction management software can help.

Using technology to manage just one area of your construction business will make a big difference to your bottom line.

Construction productivity is easier than you think

Contact your Linarc representative today and see how cloud-based software built for construction can help you take the next step in improving your construction productivity.


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