3 Surprising Construction KPIs Many Contractors Overlook


Contractors rely on many different construction KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure project and business success.  KPI categories include financial performance, productivity, quality control, schedule performance, and customer satisfaction. But not all construction KPIs are directly related to short-term profit and productivity. Instead, some KPIs can impact a construction company’s future and the project owner’s.…

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Craft a Comprehensive Scope of Work In 8 Simple Steps


Need help crafting a comprehensive scope of work for your next construction project? Here are the facts: Poor preconstruction planning and project scope definition are significant causes of expensive changes, delays, and rework. And cost and schedule overruns are not the hallmarks of a successful project, are they? To be prepared for your next project.…

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What Are Construction Submittals, and Why Are They Important?


Construction submittals are an essential element in every construction project. They ensure that contractors provide and install quality products, materials, and services and that the completed project fulfills the design intent and meets the owner’s expectations. Construction submittals must be managed and processed efficiently to avoid costly delays and disruptions to a challenging delivery schedule.…

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How Construction Management Software Works and Who Benefits

construction management solution

Construction management software is a broad term for an integrated system of software programs and mobile apps designed to manage the flow of critical information during the construction process. The software typically includes modules for project planning, scheduling, budgeting, procurement, resource management, risk management, and communication. But why is that important, how does it work,…

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7 Tips for Effective Construction Budget Control


Effective construction budget control is a top priority for successful project managers. Controlling the budget for a construction project requires significant planning and oversight throughout all phases of the project. Here are seven tips to help ensure your project budget stays on track and under control from kick-off through completion. Tip #1: Define clear objectives…

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Here’s How to Choose the Perfect Construction Management Software


Contractors: Looking for the right construction management software to manage your crews, projects, and business? Find the perfect solution for managing multiple jobs, allocating resources, deploying your skilled workforce, and delivering more projects on time and under budget with less stress, headache, and hassle. As a contractor, you’re under constant stress. Between the challenges of…

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