How to choose Construction Project Management Software for Submittals

Explore How to Choose Construction Project Management Software for Submittals

Construction Project Management Software can play a critical role in the overall construction process and help you with one of the most essential parts of managing a construction project – construction submittals. The submittals process enables designers, engineers, and owners to know exactly what their contractors are doing and what materials and other items they plan to use. They come in the form of product samples, equipment reports, data sheets, and more, which are submitted so they can be reviewed and approved prior to work beginning.

Unlocking Efficiency: The Power of Construction Project Management Software for Submittals

A construction submittal is an essential procedure in the construction process. Contractors must submit their samples and papers for approval and recommendation to architects. Sometimes, the team may submit a request for new material. The architects, in turn, need to review the request and send their nods quickly for the construction to progress smoothly. Construction submittal software facilitates the submittal process and their resolutions.

While construction submittals serve a critical role, they also represent a significant bottleneck. Contractors need to get their samples and paperwork together and send them to the architects quickly so that the project won’t be delayed. Then, the architects and other reviewers need to stop what they’re doing and take the time to thoroughly inspect the construction submittals and provide their response report. 

Everyone then must be notified of the result, and adjust courses accordingly. Sometimes a new material will be requested, or other times the one submitted will be considered acceptable. Finally, the entire process and result need to be securely recorded so it can be referenced in the future, as needed.

This process takes time, and lots of handholding. Project managers typically need to keep the construction submittal process moving, otherwise it will get bottlenecked at some point and potentially cause delays.

Choosing the Right Construction Software for Submittals

Deciding on construction submittal software and which features your company will use is critical. Especially since construction submittals are crucial to the overall construction process. A slow submittal process can create a bottleneck and potentially cause delays and cost escalation for the project.

Address your business needs

Consider construction project management software that offers submittals in its features. Besides streamlining schedules, procurement, timecards, and other jobs, the system would facilitate fast construction submittal resolutions.

Simplify use and integration

One significant factor in choosing construction project management software is to look at its user interface. The construction submittal features must be easy to understand. Submittals can include product samples, equipment reports, data sheets, and more. The designers, engineers, and owners should be able to review and approve them before the beginning of work quickly.

Check recommendations and reviews

Look for construction project management software being used in the field. Do your research on the programs and features offered by the software and match them with your needs. If you are looking for a strong construction submittal program, check reviews and recommendations from your industry. Ask the software companies for demos and trials to compare the program and assess their capabilities.

Consider your budget

Determine the budget you want to spend buying construction submittal software. Choose one based on your needs and requirements. An ideal construction software should grow with the company. The construction submittal management is part of the construction management software offering. Evaluate the system on how it handles submittals.

Linarc: Construction Project Management Software for Submittals

Beyond being a platform that streamlines schedules, procurement, timecards, and more, Construction Project Management systems facilitate fast submittal resolutions.

Linarc is one of the newest entrants to the Construction Project Management space. Its offering incorporates a reimagined & built-from-the-ground-up take on construction project management software. After years of consulting with construction managers and workers, it addresses the core pain-points that construction teams face. 

The handling of submittals is one of the key areas that causes delays and takes unnecessary time. Linarc handles this gracefully with customized automated workflows. Simply define your submittal process, and let us manage it from there.

Navigating the Perfect Construction Project Management Software for Submittals

Ultimately, construction submittal management is integrated into a broader construction software offering. So evaluating how a product handles submittals is part of your overall assessment of a product. It may be tempting to choose an offering from an established behemoth in the construction software industry, but consider the fact that their products are less likely to change to accommodate your needs. 

Alternately, emerging companies are more likely to be responsive to customer requests and implement features more readily, as they will work harder to keep their clientele happy.

In all cases, when selecting a construction management solution, be sure to get a demo on how it handles submittals and judge for yourself if it’s the right tool for you.

Sign up for a free demo with Linarc today, and ask about our submittal process and automated resolution workflows.