7 Must-Have Traits in a Top-Notch Construction Management Team

Explore the 7 key qualities of a top-tier construction management team

Building a top-notch construction management team can be challenging. Everyone has a different personality and understanding of how and what to do. Some people work better independently, and some are great collaborators. Some contractors work fast, and others need clear structure and guidelines to be productive. Selecting the right construction management team during preconstruction will…

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Critical Path Method: Fast-Tracking a Project’s Success

Discover CPM Benefits for Construction Projects and Fast-Tracking Insights

Construction projects are a complex activity and require a great deal of planning before the project starts, during the build phase, and handover. Project managers can use the critical path method (CPM) to plan out all the tasks and sequences to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget. CPM in Construction A…

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5 Ways to Maintain Quality Control Throughout Your Construction Project

Quality control in construction

Maximize Project Productivity and Profitability While no two construction projects are the same, they all require significant resources, time, and money. The success of your construction project hinges on the quality of the outcome, compliance, and your team’s well-being. Quality control sets the foundation for a construction project’s success. Efficient quality control procedures ensure that…

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7 Essential Construction KPIs for Effective Management

construction kpis types

Unlocking Success: The Crucial Role of Tracking KPIs for Construction Companies Key Performance Indicators for a construction project manager are a pathway to achieve operative finesse across job site tasks and processes – Linarc outlines the essential construction KPIs. Construction project management KPIs are specific measurement tools indicating how well team members achieve particular goals.…

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Unveiling Hidden Losses: The Silent Threat to Contractors in Construction

Unveiling Hidden Losses

If you work in the construction industry, you’re no stranger to challenges and risks that can impact project outcomes and the efficiency of construction projects. While some losses are easily identifiable, hidden losses — such as rework, inefficient resource allocation, inadequate planning, and poor communication — can significantly impact your construction projects’ financial and operational…

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Unforeseen Expenses: Managing Unexpected Costs in Construction Projects

construction cost management

They—whoever “they” are—always say to prepare for the unexpected. This is especially true when preparing for a new construction site project. In addition to keeping employees safe on the worksite and adhering to the projected deadline, proper planning must ensure you exceed your client’s standards while staying within budget. However, cost control in construction management…

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