How to Optimize Your Construction Workflow to Avoid Schedule Delays

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Learn how to optimize your construction workflow to prevent costly delays. 

Construction projects are full of uncertainties. Shortages in the global supply chain and the lack of skilled labor only worsen the matter. The delays these issues cause can be costly, and their impact on the project schedule can ruin the owner-contractor relationship.

But there is a better way.

Challenges With Conventional Construction Workflow Management

Many general contractors face scheduling disruptions because they work with different subcontractors and suppliers on each project. Even if the general contractor has documented workflows, the subcontractors and suppliers they work with often don’t.

But even when subcontractors have workflows in place, they’re typically nothing more than schedule items that lack essential details. And without those details, their field crews can’t be effective.

As a result, many general contractors fall behind schedule. They don’t fall behind because they’re unprepared, but because their subcontractors lack standardized workflows to avoid these delays.   

The Benefits of Construction Workflow Management Software

Construction workflow management software provides contractors with many benefits. The software can automate workflows, prevent errors, track progress and ensure projects reach completion on time and within budget. This is true even when multiple teams are working on different aspects of the project simultaneously.


Construction Workflow Visualization 

The construction process relies on many interconnected steps, each mutually dependent on the completion of its preceding steps. As a consequence, a delay in one process impacts the next series of dependent tasks. That means that even one delay can cause a cascade of subsequent delays, dragging the project to a halt. 

It’s essential to keep work assignments fluid–each step leading to the next.

Workflow visualization tools keep project teams on schedule by providing a quick visual reference of work to be done. These visualizations guide worker teams to where they need to be. And once on site, workers receive detailed instructions on what to do so no time is lost. 

Maximize efficiency, avoid confusion and ensure everyone works together seamlessly towards the common goal by implementing a workflow management strategy.

Team Management 

Construction projects require coordination between large teams. The management process can become disjointed without an established, coordinated approach that ties the team together and provides a clear visualization of goals.

Context-aware collaborative software allows team leaders to communicate with each other, share documents, photos, and plans to keep everyone productive and informed. 

Cloud-based project management software provides centralized communication to keep work flowing smoothly. Project teams can connect with other team members in the office or the field, coordinate activities, and collaborate in real-time. 

Every team member can view and manage documents, schedule meetings, and access other communication tools from one central platform.


Manually handling information adds unnecessary time to your project. 

Using templated RFI requests, automated change order processes, and detailed punch list forms shaves time, increases efficiency, and eliminates costly delays. 

Construction workflow software makes this easy. With pre-built templates, customizable forms, and pre-established communication channels, vital information flows smoothly amongst every project team member.


Key Features in an Effective Construction Workflow Management Tool 

Cross-team Collaboration 

The construction process requires multi-dimensional teams working in both parallel and sequenced activities. 

An effective construction workflow system should empower these different teams to collaborate in real-time. This way, everyone is always up to date, teams avoid conflict and confusion, and stay productive and on track. 

Real-time Reporting 

To keep progress on the project moving forward, all team members must have access to the most relevant, up-to-date information. 

A cloud-based workflow management system provides real-time reporting. That means managers have secure and immediate data access from anywhere in the world. So instead of the delays caused by emails or phone calls, managers can make crucial decisions faster, saving valuable time. 

Furthermore, with a cloud-based workflow management system, contractors can be confident that their data is always up to date. Reports are generated as soon as actions are completed. That means no waiting until the end of the day or week to get a progress report. This enables contractors to take swift and effective action in response to new developments and project needs.

Easy-to-Use Templates 

Creating every step of the work process manually on every project is time-consuming. Workflow management systems save time and effort by providing standard workflow templates that cover typical construction workflows. 

Customized Construction Workflow Design

Continuous improvement is the hallmark of successful contractors. Therefore, digital workflow management programs should offer standard workflow templates and the flexibility to create custom workflows from scratch. 

This flexibility ensures that managers and team leaders can adjust their work assignments for greater efficiency without losing the control provided by standardized templates. 

Simplify Construction Scheduling with Intuitive Workflow Management

Uncertainty is a part of every construction project. Lack of skilled labor and shortages in the global supply chain only worsen the problem. The delays these issues cause can be costly, and their effects on the project schedule can negatively affect the owner-contractor relationship. 

It doesn’t need to be this way.

Linarc’s cloud-based workflow management platform helps you address critical requirements by providing a well-defined framework for every task on the construction schedule. This effective workflow management tool uses data-driven insights to help map your workflows to eliminate manual labor, shorten process times, and complete your projects on time and on budget. 

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