Sustainable Construction Practices to Save the Planet

Sustainable Construction Tree in Building

Sustainable construction takes some work and planning, but can lead to cost savings and is better for the environment. Sustainable construction has many merits as it aims to reduce waste and build more environmentally sound projects using eco-friendly methods. A broad range of sustainable construction techniques is available. Here are some of the main ones.…

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Paid Covid Leave Bill, Leaves Employers Holding the Bill

Government Building for Paid Covid Leave Bill

On Feb 2, California legislators introduced the newest bill to reinstate paid covid leave. This bill requires California employers to cover the cost of employees who are absent from work over covid. The bill would be retroactive to the start of the year and extend through September. United Contractors (UCON) strongly opposes this bill and…

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The 7 Components of a Bulletproof Construction Schedule

Off Highway Truck

Here are seven ways to build a robust construction schedule to help you deliver projects on time and within budget. A significant percentage of projects run over their construction schedule and beyond the originally planned budget. Some estimate as few as 30% of schedules finish within the expected timeline. Many notable construction schedules have gone…

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Defining a Reliable Construction Schedule Recovery Plan

Detour Ahead Sign

All construction projects are at risk of running behind schedule and may need a construction recovery plan. The wide array of unforeseen circumstances that could potentially affect its projected completion date perennially threaten to make agreed-upon deadlines tough to meet. Defining what to do when schedules no longer mirror the realities in the field is…

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How Can Construction Companies Follow Lean Construction?

construction metal worker

Lean Construction is a decades-long initiative to create safer and more efficient job sites. Our recently published article discusses how construction companies can follow lean construction principles with Linarc. What is Lean Construction, and how can software help implement it? Lean Construction is a term that’s discussed but is challenging to implement. According to the Lean Construction Institute documents,…

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9 Benefits to Keeping Owners and Contractors on the Same Construction Software Platform

Construction Team

Getting owners to work on the same construction software platform as contractors has numerous benefits. Construction sites often consist of multiple teams from separate companies. Each has its internal processes to track its work and project details. Smaller contractors may rely on spreadsheets or written notes. Excel is the staple for construction companies around the…

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