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Construction management software is leading the industry into the future. Learn how you can complete more projects on time and on budget with this breakthrough technology.

The digital transformation is upon us. From product manufacturers and suppliers to construction-specific robotics, the digitization of the construction industry is here.

Choosing the right construction management software can really make a difference. 

Why Using Construction Management Software Makes Sense

With the push to digital and the ever-increasing complexity of modern construction, it only makes sense to manage projects with the latest technology. 

By managing all aspects of the project from a single software platform, construction teams can collaborate to meet deadlines, manage tasks, and allocate resources throughout the project lifecycle. 

  • Owners, design teams, contractors, and subcontractors can collaborate on plans for greater accuracy and fewer design change disruptions.
  • RFIs, change orders and schedule items can be easily shared and updated in real-time for faster turnaround. 
  • Resources can be precisely allocated across multiple projects for efficiency and greater cost savings. 
  • Share communications on a central platform built specifically for construction so everyone stays informed and on task.

The result is an optimized construction process with fewer delays.

Benefits of Construction Management Software in the Design Phase

Early collaboration during the design phase has proven to be beneficial. Assets built under this collaborative model are delivered from 30 to 50 percent faster and cheaper.

Contractors with the infrastructure to engage with asset owners and design teams early in the project lifecycle will have a strategic advantage. Collaborative software platforms built for construction provide this infrastructure advantage. 

By hosting a central hub for communication, file sharing, discussions, review, and approvals, the prepared contractor takes the lead, demonstrates superior capacity, and wins more projects.

Pre-Construction Goes Smoother with Collaborative Software

The heart of every construction project is the schedule. And Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) are the central element of the schedule. Therefore it makes sense to involve every stakeholder in the schedule-building process by compiling detailed WBS for every aspect of the project.

Collaborative project management software simplifies this very detail-oriented task.

  • Use WBS templates to decompose the entire scope of work.
  • Assign detailed work packages for every trade and task.
  • Receive instant feedback and encourage subcontractors to break down their work packages in more detail to drive their job site workflows. 
  • Build a visually planned collaborative schedule with total stakeholder participation.
  • Ensure that every task is accounted for and nothing is left out.
  • Establish task dependencies and define the project’s critical path. 
  • Link milestones and completion targets to the schedule of values for budget adherence, pay draw schedules, and complete project transparency. 
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Manage the Construction Process with Strong, Capable Software

Here’s where the real ‘heavy lifting’ takes place: The Job Site

Once the project is underway, cloud-based construction management software connects everyone to the schedule and keeps it foremost on everyone’s mind. 

  • Link all communications to schedule items within the project software.
  • Share documents, images, and files within the platform.
  • Allocate materials, resources, and equipment to field crews as required to meet schedule items. 
  • Schedule safety meetings, inspections, and follow-ups all through the project scheduling software.
  • Track work progress through daily work reports which are updated in real-time, as work is completed.
  • Assign punch lists with attached documentation, photos, and files to eliminate guesswork and ensure accurate and timely completion.

Collaborative scheduling software helps plan every critical task intelligently, monitors for safety, and enables a smooth payment draw procedure.

Commission the Project with Construction Management Software Built for the Job

Successful project commissioning is an ongoing process. It begins in design, follows through constructability reviews, and continues throughout the build. 

Project management software provides a central repository for the collection and storage of project-critical information for successful project commissioning. 

  • Submittals and data sheets
  • Shop drawings and as-builts
  • Installation logs and operating manuals
  • System reports and inspection logs 

Asset and electronic serial numbers, warranty dates, and other pertinent information are logged and documented for the owner during installation and equipment start-up. This can be done immediately using a tablet or mobile device while on site.

Linarc project management software speeds final handover by collecting and organizing crucial documents throughout the project for a seamless commissioning process. 

Smooth Owner Occupancy and Project Closeout

Project closeout is a breeze with a collaborative project management platform.

Construction management software makes closing contracts, submitting waivers, and releasing work teams easy because it documents and verifies every work process from the start.  The smooth transition to owner-occupancy ensures the best possible project completion experience for the client. 

Demobilization, budget reconciliation, and final assessments are all handled within the project management software. 

The constructed asset becomes a living record of your team’s accomplishments, and the software preserves the workflows and scheduling sequences for review, assessment, and continuous improvement on future projects.

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