Effective Construction Workflow Management: Onboard through Closeout

concrete foundations formed and poured at the base of a construction project

As construction operations grow in complexity, so does the need for agile, flexible systems to manage their workflows. To conquer this challenge, many organizations are turning to construction workflow management software.

Successful Construction Workflow Management Begins with Onboarding

With an aging workforce, and a shortage of new talent, the need to attract and keep skilled professionals is more important than ever. 

Here’s how a recruiting and onboarding workflow system can help.

  • A standardized new hire request form enters the system and triggers an open position listing on the company’s HR portal.
  • Virtual interview scheduling and automated follow-ups create a smooth hiring process.
  • Secure background check and drug testing requests are automatically triggered, sent for approval, and dispatched for fulfillment.  
  • During the onboard process, the new employee’s safety training, orientation and PPE disbursements are tracked and documented as well. 

Once hired, HR can manage ongoing training, payroll, and work assignments. Employee benefit requests and change of status notifications will run through the system too. 

Construction Safety Reporting Workflow

Documented ‘toolbox talks’ and daily safety walkthroughs are mandatory for many construction projects. Workflow management software simplifies the scheduling, tracking, and documentation of these important duties to keep your project safe.

  • Role-based safety meetings and walk-throughs can be assigned based on the construction schedule.
  • Mobile forms and job site kiosks make it easy to document and submit incident reports to meet OSHA requirements
  • And the internal workflow management system keeps a running log of these activities tied to the schedule dates of each event. 

That means safety managers can plan meetings and review incident reports across the company’s entire portfolio. Armed with these insights, trends and high-risk situations become clear. 

This approach prevents future accidents in similar situations for a safer job site. 

Submittal, RFI and Change Order Management

Without accurate, relevant, and timely information, the project stops cold.

But sharing information with multiple stakeholders can be challenging. Specialized workflows built for construction solve this problem.

  • Pre-built templates cut submission errors and speed up every process
  • The cloud-based workflow management system for quick submissions.
  • Get status updates from anywhere, by mobile or desktop.
  • Standard, pre-set workflows ensures timely, accurate information. 
  • Workflow customizations push plan sheets, photo markups and supporting documents for faster decision making
  • Automated alerts and notifications keep everyone informed and on task.

Submittals, RFI’s and change orders are delivered promptly for smooth, uninterrupted turnaround times. 

Construction Quality and Punch List Workflows 

High-quality work depends on two things:

  1. A mutual understanding of the quality specifications and
  2. Frequent quality inspections.

Collaborative construction workflow software solves both of these issues. With the right system in place, quality control managers can now set expectations and follow up with ease.

  • Quality inspection templates ensure data standardization for more accurate reporting.
  • Specification documents can be attached to work packages.
  • Role-based punch lists are assigned to specific contractors and team members.
  • Daily reports and checklists encourage photo sharing, which confirms the work accomplished meets established quality standards.
  • Sub-standard inspection reports create re-work assignments, due-dated and pre-scheduled to avoid delays.   
  • The construction workflow software stores the inspection logs within the project database for easy retrieval and future reference.

Project Closeout Workflows

Project closure is more than just submitting waivers, closing contracts, and releasing your suppliers and work teams. 

Closeout is your organization’s last opportunity to provide the client with an exceptional service experience. 

Pre-built collaborative workflows ensure that all the project objectives have been met. The system has been submitting support documents throughout the project, so you can be confident there are no loose ends left to complete.

Effective Construction Workflow Management with Linarc

Successful construction professionals stay on top of every workflow of their business, from onboarding through project closeout. 

Collaborative construction workflow software streamlines these complex processes, manages task-based workflows, and allows seamless interactions for a successful project from charter to completion. 

Get a custom demonstration of the Linarc construction workflow system. The smart, intuitive, easy-to-use tool for managing the complexity of today’s building projects.

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