Construction Management Software: Use Only What You Need, But Use It


Everyone in the industry uses construction management software to plan, manage and run their construction projects –even you.

Your software may be a standalone system or a cobbled-together tangle of emails, text messages, Excel sheets, and phone calls. But whatever software you use to run your project, it’s an essential element of your construction management process.

Does your current tech stack help, hurt, or hold you back?

Construction management software essentials: Quickly find what you need

Where do your subcontractors find the construction schedule?

What about plan sheets, specifications, RFIs, bulletins, addendums, directives, change orders, and progress updates?

These are not small questions. Maybe every stakeholder knows where to find the information they need to operate safely and productively, but maybe they don’t. 

Have you considered that your subcontractors and craft workers are simply going about their work the best way they know how and only consult the schedule and contract documents when they have a question or run into a problem? 

That’s not very efficient, is it? 

So why would they work like that?

Because that’s the way they’ve always done it, and no one has shown them a better way.


Can your construction management software do this?

Whether you rely on emails, text messages, phone calls, software, or any combination of those tools, the success of your project depends on how well you manage, share, and distribute information.

That’s because information management is the key to a well-informed, well-organized workforce. And a well-informed, well-organized workforce is safer, more efficient, and more productive.

Need proof?

This KPMG study found that every dollar spent on information management yielded a 6x return in productivity and even more significant gains in safety and asset utilization.


How does your construction management system stack up?

Are your projects running more smoothly and productively, or are you struggling?

You’re not alone.

Unlock Project Success, Master Your Budget Today!

Many construction firms struggle with information management

A survey of 220 professionals from architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms found that two-thirds still struggle to keep up with the flow of project information. 

With so much data flowing through multiple channels, the respondents reported they waste valuable time and administrative resources transferring information between systems within their organization. 

And over half the respondents find it challenging to share information with outside stakeholders primarily because different stakeholders use different information systems or have no information management plan. 

The survey reported that 47% of AEC firms struggle to keep track of project document revisions, 43% have difficulties tracking the status of events outside their organization, and over 56% have trouble keeping their team members informed.

And nearly all the survey respondents agree: uninformed team members work more slowly, with less confidence, and inadvertently make mistakes due to a lack of information.

Production errors and work performed out of sequence cause schedule delays and eventual rework. Delays and rework cost the project additional time and money and waste valuable resources. 

Construction management software doesn’t have to be all or nothing

We built Linarc to handle every element of your project, but many construction firms are happy with the legacy systems they currently use and are resistant to change. 

And that’s okay.

Because we also built Linarc to connect with your existing legacy systems easily. And yes, you can even use Linarc with your Excel spreadsheets.

Use the platform a little or a lot. It’s totally up to you; just make sure the basics are covered.


Successful communication is critical to a successful project. 

Project managers need access to their subcontractors to share updated plan sheets, RFI responses, and crucial project information. 

Likewise, supervisors need to communicate with their craft workers to provide direction and leadership, so their work crews have what they need to stay on task and perform at their best.  



You can’t keep the project on track if no one looks at the schedule.

Creating a schedule-centric culture begins with walking the project and checking progress against the work breakdown structures (WBS) as work progresses.

If you can do that manually, great. But Linarc construction management software contains the master schedule, critical path schedule, and work breakdown structures in one mobile application on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Resource management

Where do your team members find their work assignments, tools, equipment, and material availability?

Logistics and resource management is vital to a successful project management strategy.

Do your crews know where to report and where their resources are? Are they calling the office or their supervisors to ask?  

Or worse, simply showing up, punching in, waiting around, and then leaving when they can’t find what they need?

If so, you could be wasting valuable time and money on redundant and unnecessary administration costs.

Logistics boards, spreadsheets, paper documents, text messages, and phone calls are one way to manage your project resources, but using technology for these tasks is more efficient. 

You save time, money, and headaches by centrally managing your firm’s resources across your entire project portfolio and construction management software makes it simple.



Naturally, you want to keep a close eye on your budget, schedule, and performance on the job site. 

But where do you find that information?

You can check with your accounting department or ask for a financial report to see how well the project is doing. Hopefully, if the project schedule is current, you can get a feel for how well the project is progressing.

But is all this information available when you need it, or do you have to search in multiple places?

Construction management software keeps track of your budget, schedule, and performance and is available wherever you are, by phone, tablet, or computer.

Does your construction management software work for you?

Does managing project information through separate channels allow you to be as productive as you need to be?

Are you like the 47% of AEC firms that struggle to keep track of project document revisions or have difficulty tracking the status of events outside their organization?

Do your project team members have all the pertinent information they need to be safe and productive?

We built Linarc solely for collaborative, data-driven project management. 

  • Seamless collaboration
  • Native scheduling feature
  • Detailed and robust WBS system
  • Built-in resource manager
  • Easy file sharing
  • Common communication platform 
  • Real-time updates on project progress
  • …and so much more

Connect with a Linarc representative and see what the power of collaborative construction management software can do for your operation.

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