The Collaborative Solution to a Competitive Construction Market

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Construction is a competitive industry. But new technology and cloud-based collaborative software promise a simple, easy-to-use solution. And when shared with your construction team, this software could also be your competitive market advantage.

The barrier here has always been in the way the construction industry operates.

Construction is a siloed industry. With separate departments, contractors, and suppliers, competing for market space, authority, and attention.

But this is changing.

The Competitive Advantage of Collaborative Solution Technology

To break down the silos, leaders in the industry are harnessing the power of technology. By sharing information and working more collaboratively, smart players are changing the game.

Project owners, designers, and builders working together can address challenges before conflicts occur. And even when conflicts ‌arise, teams can solve problems by keeping everyone informed and on task.  

In fact, this collaborative solution is unifying this once siloed industry. Project owners, designers, and builders can now work together in every phase of the building process.

The Collaborative Solution to Information Management

Information management is the foundation of successful collaboration. By ensuring that all relevant project information is readily accessible, construction teams can reduce the ‌time needed to make informed decisions, improving: 

  1. Safety, 
  2. Quality
  3. Productivity, and 
  4. Profitability. 

That’s where collaborative project management software really shines.

Cloud-based collaborative construction management software provides an efficient,  cost-effective way to share critical information among employees, customers, and project partners.

Collaborative software allows individuals to work together to create, share, and use data proactively in ways that benefit every stakeholder on the project.

From improving communication to the exchange of documents and visual performance data, cloud-based collaborative construction software provides critical information in real-time so construction teams can work together efficiently:

  • Tracking progress, schedule changes and forecasts
  • Speeding up the RFI request and response process
  • Providing instant change notifications and alerts
  • Resolving onsite issues, delays and contractor dependencies

This efficiency and cost-effectiveness reduces delays and improves overall project quality while saving time, money, and valuable resources.

The Collaborative Solution to Workflow Management

By working together on a collaborative workflow management platform, teams can optimize their processes and achieve coordinated goals. 

Here are three quick tips to help facilitate effective workflow collaboration:

  1. Establish clear and concise project expectations.
    Create a comprehensive construction schedule with the help of your stakeholders at the outset of the project. Inviting your contractors, suppliers and specialty trades into the scheduling process increases the odds of your project’s success.     
  2. Provide open channels for collaborative communication.
    Make sure every stakeholder has access to the information they need to work together effectively. This means setting up logical lines of communication and reporting. Workflow reports should include average response times, number of iterations, and an ongoing tally of both open and completed work requests.
  3. Empower team members to customize their workflows.
    Standard Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) detail the specific stages and work packages required to complete a typical project. But many organizations have their own proprietary workflows. Your project management software should allow your stakeholders the flexibility to use your workflow templates or customize the finer details of their proprietary work packages so they can optimize their own productivity. 

When everyone is informed of progress on the project, and can see how their workflows fit into the overall schedule, everyone remains focused and on task.

Your team members complete their work on time, within budget, and to the exacting specifications you set forth.

Your Collaborative Solution is a Strategic Advantage in a Competitive Construction Market

Cloud-based, collaborative construction management platforms empower multiple stakeholders to work together on projects large and small. 

Sharing information and resources in real-time leads to safer operations and faster completion times, with optimized overall project performance. 

Get an in-depth demonstration of how the Linarc collaborative solution can become your competitive market advantage.

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