How is Software used in Construction Project Management?

construction project management software

Software isn’t new to construction project management. The Munich-based Nemetschek Group began providing digital solutions to the construction industry in the early-1960s.

What is new, however, is the investment engineering and construction firms (E&C) are making in software technology: nearly 40% of their operating budgets towards digital information management, and for a good reason.

This KPMG report predicts that for every $1.25 spent on digital information management, direct labor productivity will increase by $7.53. In addition, that same $1.25 investment could save $8.78 in time and material costs.

Investing in construction project management software to earn those impressive margins makes sense. But where to begin?

How does construction project management software help?

By providing easy access from any device, software built for construction makes every project detail available by desktop, tablet, or mobile app. 

In addition, the cloud-based software connects CPMs to the owner, design team, subcontractors, suppliers, and field crews through an integrated construction project management platform in the following ways. 


An effective project management plan depends on uninterrupted communication. 

Construction project management software is a fast, effective way to connect with any team member at any time by desktop, tablet, or mobile app. 

This central communication hub at everyone’s fingertips means team members always have access to the information they need to work effectively and efficiently to keep the project running smoothly.

Budget Management:

Construction project management software integrates the schedule of values from the project budget to work breakdown structures within the project schedule. As work is performed, digitized daily work reports pull expenditures from the budget for up-to-the-minute reporting. 

CPM software also integrates with accounting software and ERP solutions. That level of integration ensures a smooth and seamless payment draw process for project stakeholders to eliminate conflict and delays.

Project Schedule Management:

The construction site is constantly in flux. Job site congestion is a safety concern, causes friction, and slows progress to a crawl. 

Cloud-based CPM software connects to the project workflow to keep everyone informed of changes as they happen. 

Real-time scheduling updates and system automation give stakeholders everything they need for fast decision-making by mobile app or desktop.

Document Management:

Construction project management software brings the plan room to the field. 

Blueprints, spec sheets, and critical project documents are stored digitally in the cloud for less memory load, which makes them readily available from anywhere on the construction site, in the office, or on the road.

Resource Management:

CPM software provides construction project managers access to a centralized pool of project resources from anywhere.

The software simplifies material and equipment allocation by giving the project management team complete visibility across their entire portfolio of projects.  

Project teams receive work assignments accurately and efficiently, preventing confusion, wasted steps, and delays.

Real-time Reporting:

Convenient, intuitive dashboards within the system keep work teams, management, and project owners connected and informed throughout the project lifecycle. 

Real-time reporting ensures accuracy and transparency to keep everyone focused, accountable, and committed.


What are the key features of construction project management software?

There’s a wide range of CPM software available, each with its limitations and advantages. 

The key to gaining the efficiencies promised by construction management software is to find a software platform that meets the needs of your construction firm.

At the very least, CPM software should meet the following criteria:  

  • Cloud-based for easy accessibility from mobile or desktop. 
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface for a trouble-free user experience. 
  • Central communication hub with contextual document sharing.
  • Native scheduling feature for real-time scheduling updates
  • Resource management platform for efficient work assignments, equipment allocation, greater material efficiency, and reduced waste.
  • Real-time reporting for total transparency, project monitoring and accountability. 
  • Accounting and ERP connectivity accurate reporting, budgeting, financial forecasting, and risk management.
  • Open API for seamless data integration with other platforms.

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