Solutioning data collection for KPI insights on construction jobsite


Construction KPIs face a practical hurdle of data collection at the job site- Technology offers a selection of tools to solve the construction project management challenges KPIs are essential for improving construction projects; however, data capturing is a significant hurdle for most. While most industries are using metrics and other data led tools to manage…

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Types of the Construction workflow to optimize the Build phase

construction workflow types

Explore the many types of construction workflows and why it is essential for successful project completion. Anyone who has tackled a to-do list knows that an all-over-the-place approach doesn’t work. To efficiently manage multiple tasks between people, you need a planned workflow. This principle applies to construction sites as well. It’s all about workflow-and if…

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Recognizing the benefits of collaboration in construction

collaboration construction benefits

Collaboration in construction ensures quality and on-time project delivery – explore the multi-fold benefits of using a construction collaboration platform.  Any construction project requires varied design teams, contractors, trades and specializtion to work together. Collaboration among the people from other companies is vital to the success of construction projects. Sharing knowledge, information and cooperation are…

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Challenges of managing a budget in a construction project

managing a budget

Budget management in a construction project is an elaborate responsibility – the right software solution can set the project management team on a path to success. Managing a construction project is a unique endeavour. Several evolving factors are at play, differentiating it from most work environments. Myriad variables such as weather, material prices or stakeholder…

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