Cloud-based Construction Management solution- A Checklist

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Discover how to check a Construction Management solution – An easy and practical guide to find the right cloud-based construction management software

Construction companies have recognized the importance of remote working in the past two years. If you haven’t already, now is the time to opt for digital technology for your construction project. Companies look for more efficient construction management solutions as the construction industry evolves. Today, many construction players opt for cloud-based construction software to manage their project needs. Fundamentally, it helps teams coordinate multiple tasks from the beginning of the project to its completion. Another advantage is the flexibility to access information from any device and place. Above all, an essential aspect is the sense of security and peace of mind. Having all data in one place as a singular reference source sets the project for progress. Let us discuss this in more detail.

Cloud software for Construction

What is cloud-based construction software? 

Cloud-based construction software is a virtual construction management solution. All the project-related data, files, and communication are stored virtually on the cloud. It can be securely accessed when needed from any device anytime, anywhere. The cloud eliminates the need to physically be at a desk to work or maintain massive servers. By using cloud-based construction software, companies can access site updates, manage work orders, track project schedules, raw material inventory, pay charges, and many other tasks from their mobile devices. With cloud-based software, you can manage all the construction tasks virtually.

Checklist for Investing in cloud software

Is your company planning to invest in cloud-based construction management software? Before finalizing, here are five things to consider before investing in cloud-based software:

1. Is it cloud-based or web-based software?

One of the foremost aspects to consider before investing in a new construction management software is cloud-based or web-based. A cloud-based software stores all the project data virtually. There is no requisite to download any file on your laptop or phone to access the information. The team can directly access the construction project files via the cloud from any browser. A robust Cloud software ensures freedom from data discrepancies in an utmost secure environment.

2. Does it have a responsive design?

Before investing in cloud-based software, ensure it works effectively across various devices and browsers. As the screen size and proportions vary across electronic devices, files can get dysfunctional when opened on multiple devices.

Responsive design ensures the platform is fully functional across devices. Do test it across your preferred web browsers and your most-used devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone, desktop).

3. Can the file be accessed when offline?

An excellent cloud-based construction management software should work both online and offline. Many times the network on the project sites can be slightly patchy. In such a scenario, work shouldn’t suffer. A comprehensive construction management software lets you access information even when offline. With freedom from connectivity issues, there is better productivity and lesser delays.

4. Is it an all-in-one software?

There are many construction management software in the market. Depending on your need, you can choose a one-stop solution.

When you select an all-in-one construction management software, it ensures seamless connectivity across departments and roles. The integrated software puts an end to isolated decision making for Construction management, cost estimation, payroll, building information modeling (BIM). Further, there is minimal scope for data misinterpretation or delays when your entire organization connects and works via the same interface. This type may come at a higher cost. However, the benefits of progressing in tandem and on course outweigh the one-time charge.

5. How is the after-sales customer service?

After-sales customer service is another critical aspect to consider while buying any construction management software. You will need a lot of guidance, especially at the beginning of software usage. Adapting your entire team to a new interface takes time and a lot of troubleshooting support. The help center of the software company should be approachable via email or phone, or online chat. Also, do check the working hours in the context of geography. The sales support should be available during your working hours, if not around the clock.

Are you ready?

Committing to management software is a pivotal decision for your organization. Research the technology and its leverage on your routine workings is a must. Indeed, Linarc’s team is here to help you find the right solution. Reach out to Team Linarc