How Work Breakdown Structures Benefit Your Schedule AND Your Business

work breakdown structures benefit

The most successful general contractors are always refining their systems. The Linarc construction scheduler allows your work breakdown structures to be subdivided into field tasks. Thanks to Linarc, every member of your team knows what their work assignments are. Use a better construction scheduler, encourage instant collaboration in teams, and lead your business forward with Linarc.

The CEO of the hospital just stopped by the project trailer, and she’s worried. You’ve broken ground on a new, six-story, 180,000 sq ft, 48-bed critical-care hospital with an adjoining parking structure. The project moving along, but the schedule is tight, and the CEO is afraid of falling behind.

“Hello, Raina,” she says. “I’m sorry for just dropping by. I’m meeting with the hospital’s board of directors this morning, and I have to tell you, some of them are concerned about our timeline. And I have to say, I’m worried too. Are you confident your team can manage this level of production consistently? We’ve got some pretty big milestones ahead of us.”

You don’t miss a beat.

“One second,” you say. “Let me show you something.”

Work Breakdown Structures + Real-time reporting = Instant Benefits

Your screen comes to life and in two clicks, you’re showing the CEO around your Linarc construction management software platform.

“Right here,” you say. “See this? This is our critical path schedule. And according to this, we’re right on target.

“Well, that’s impressive software,” she says. “But I hope all those colorful screens aren’t just wishful thinking. Are you sure you can trust these figures?”

“Yes, we can,” you say. “Absolutely. We can be confident in our timeline, too. We have the data to back it up. Here, let me show you.”

You click through to a recent project dashboard. “For instance, this report is from a similar project we just completed. And you can see how well we performed here. And the project conditions here were much more challenging than the work we’re doing now.” The owner smiles. “Well, now you’re going to have to tell me how all this works.”

“Our Linarc construction scheduler monitors our progress via work breakdown structures -enabling better collaboration in teams.”

“Linarc updates itself in real time with actual data from the field. These reports are a click away on every project, every day,” you say.

“Relevant, timely, actionable data informs every aspect of our project management strategy. And Linarc gives us that advantage. That means, from the office to the field, and everywhere in between, all stakeholders on every project have access to the ‌same accurate, actionable, real-time information instantly. No matter where we are.”

The Linarc construction project scheduler handles everything for us

“We always have everything we need -right at our fingertips.”

“And we know the data is accurate because it’s updated instantly from the field.”

“Every time a team member submits a daily work report, the system syncs the completed work packages with the remaining work breakdown structures. That information syncs with the schedule and updates our progress automatically.”

You dive deeper into your Linarc collaborative construction scheduler

  • “We assign WBS to our subcontractors, too. Like in this Work Breakdown Structure example here,” you say.
  • “Subcontractors can break down their work packages into individual field tasks and duty assignments, too.
  • “And as a result, the daily field reports will either confirm our WBS projections or show us where we need additional support.”
  • “So we can react immediately to the needs in the field. And that lets us…
    • adjust labor requirements,
    • anticipate material needs,
    • and track our performance and production at every level.”

“And the best part is, we carry all this valuable data forward into our next project.”

“Collaboration in our teams has never been easier. Everyone loves it. Our estimators, project managers, superintendents, our work supervisors -even our skilled trades and subcontractors. The entire team gets the support they need, right when they need it.”

“And we can review past performance on all our projects and repeat what works best in any situation. That means we continually refine and improve our operation with each new project.”

“Thanks to Linarc, we’ve really grown as an organization,” you say.

“We have total visibility into every project,”

“For instance, all documents, RFI’s, change orders, work reports, and photos are available instantly. That means all project communications between you, our office, the architect, our self-performing teams, and all our subcontractors flow seamlessly. And we do it all with Linarc.”

“With Linarc’s collaborative construction scheduler, we enjoy…

  • Zero paperwork
  • Faster turnaround time on change orders and RFI’s
  • And instant access to everyone and all the work in progress on every project.
  • And it’s all available in real-time.”

Linarc’s Construction Project Scheduler makes instant collaboration in teams a breeze

“Wow! That’s an impressive project management system, Raina. I can see why you’re confident in your production capacity. I would love to share this with the board of directors.”

“Let’s do it!” you say.

“When you’re connected with our Linarc project management system, you have secure access to your own reporting dashboard. That means you can share this information with your investors, the board of directors–any member of your team instantly.”

It’s Friday morning. 10:00 am.

You and your team are presenting a progress report to the hospital’s board of directors. And the CEO is beaming with pride, confident that she chose the right general contractor for the job. Get your FREE DEMO of the Linarc construction scheduler with its exclusive work breakdown structure (WBS) feature today.