Collaborative Project Management: The Solution to an Uncertain Future

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Inefficiencies continue to plague the construction industry. But there is a solution. In fact, the future of construction (and your business) may just rely on it: Collaborative digital transformation.

By working together, owners, design professionals, engineering and construction (E&C) firms are increasing the lifetime value of the built environment, while driving down costs and streamlining project execution. 

Digital tools and intelligent software platforms enable collaboration in real-time while providing the relevant, timely, actionable data required for you to motivate your team and manage your projects more effectively.

The Collaborative Approach to Project Communication

Communication is critical to successful collaboration

But while this seems obvious, many firms still miss the mark. 

By relying on old communication models, critical information is siloed in separate channels, which means it’s often missed, lost or ignored. Collaborative digital platforms, on the other hand, solve this problem. 

Communication is centralized, contextualized, and is easily accessible. With a collaborative project management solution you get: 

  • Central directory of relevant stakeholders and decision-makers
  • Contextual project communications are easily visible and accessible on one platform 
  • Passive digital document storage for large files such as plans and specifications 
  • Trackable RFI’s and submittals so everyone shares responsibility and stays informed
  • Audio and video enabled meetings, consultations, and webinars within the project platform
  • Dedicated searchable channels for team chat, project topics and messaging 
  • Visual tracking, alerts and notifications to ensure uniform participation and compliance
Image courtesy of Deloitte US Connected Construction Playbook

The Collaborative Solution to Project Scheduling

A successful schedule is central to every successful project. 

Collaborative digital platforms outperform spreadsheets, calendars and Gannt charts when it comes to scheduling. That’s because collaborative project management software connects the entire construction team on one centralized platform from project charter to completion. 

No more guesswork, and no more assumptions. Building a schedule collaboratively means stakeholders have the information they need to contribute their input and insights, while realistically adjusting to the demands of a shared timeline. That gives you:

  • Faster, more accurate schedule creation 
  • Higher compliance, with fewer scheduling conflicts, delays and changes
  • Scheduling updates and progress reports are available to everyone in real-time
  • Project-wide visibility for faster, more accurate decision-making
  • Accurate, real-time production data from the field forecasts future demand requirements automatically
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A Collaborative Solution for Workflow Management

Successful construction teams don’t rely on luck, old habits or routines. 

No. Productive teams intelligently plan and sequence their workflows for optimum performance. They document their strategy, dispatch tasks and sub-tasks, and monitor progress so they can adjust their workforce and forecasted targets accordingly. 

When choosing a software platform, be sure your project management solution gives you the convenience of pre-made workflow templates, and the flexibility to modify those templates or create your own. 

And because your workflow is digital, your project performance data is stored in the cloud. That means workflow-related conversations and progress reports are only a click away. 

The Collaborative Solution to Project Financial Management

Reporting on the financial success of a project used to be solely in the hands of the bookkeepers  and accountants.

Not anymore.

By linking your budget, schedule and WBS to your financial reports, you have insights into how your financial resources are being utilized. And because this information is automatically updated, in real-time, you’re in the position to take proactive measures–instead of being caught flat-footed.

Digital software solutions provide the simple transparency you need to immediately understand the financial health of your project. While having the power to generate actionable forecasts that you can respond to with strategic precision. 

The Future of Construction Relies on Collaborative Project Management Solutions

Fully integrated collaborative platforms are the solution to better communication, scheduling, workflow and jobsite management. And they are the key to building a stronger, more resilient financial future for our industry. 

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