How Construction Project Managers Stay Organized


A construction project manager needs to be organized.

There are too many documents, details, and deadlines to keep in your head. And if you don’t organize those things, you’ll never be able to honor your commitments, and the people you’re responsible for won’t be able to keep their obligations either.

That means late dinners, missed soccer games, disgruntled stakeholders, and a tireless, uphill battle trying to keep your project on track. 

You can’t be effective if you’re not organized.

Organizing the construction project management team

As the construction project manager, you’re the linchpin that holds the entire project management team together. So you need a plan of action and a way to communicate that plan to your project management team.

Software built for the construction industry keeps construction project managers organized and able to respond quickly and effectively to every stakeholder and project team member.

Project Owners

Your relationship with the owner is important. They fund the project and deserve the utmost respect and attention.

Owners are usually interested in high-level information such as general progress and budget status. But no matter their interest, they deserve accurate project information on demand.

Construction project management software gives owners a convenient dashboard to stay up to date with everything from job site photos and daily progress reports to detailed financial analysis and budget status.

And because the software is cloud-based, owners also have access to design drawings, specifications, contracts, and project documents wherever they are. So everything they need is readily available and at their fingertips.


Subcontractors, specialty contractors, and suppliers

Subcontractors, specialty contractors, and suppliers all need different things at different times throughout the project.

As the construction project manager, you must provide these stakeholders with quick and easy access to contracts, project drawings and specifications, and the all-important project schedule.

Project management software connects these stakeholders with all these essential elements in a central communication platform. Every contributor to the project can easily find the information they need, conveniently organized within a simple, easy-to-use platform.

And the cloud-based scheduling feature ensures that stakeholders always know where they’re needed on the project and when, so you don’t need to spend so much time following up with them. And that makes your job a whole lot easier.

Construction team members

Many general contractors use self-performance teams to execute large portions of the contract.

Self-performance teams give the general contractor an advantage because they have more control over the project’s schedule and outcome. But even still, your project superintendent and forepersons are still relying on you for leadership.

You want to give your team members everything they need to be to sequence their work crews for maximum efficiency to keep the project running smoothly.

Construction project management software, with its cloud-based document storage, ensures that drawings, specifications, work orders, and punch lists are readily available for your team. Hence, everyone has what they need to stay on task.


How does software help construction project managers with document management?

The documents begin to stack up in the very early stages of the project and continue accumulating throughout the construction process.

  • Project Initiation Documents (PID)
  • Architectural drawings (and revisions)
  • Design specifications
  • Product and material specifications
  • Procurement documents
  • Contracts
  • Project Management Plan (PMP)
  • Schedule of Values
  • Submittals
  • Request For Information (RFI)
  • Change Orders
  • Punch lists
  • …the list goes on and on

You need a way to organize and store these documents for quick reference but also the ability to archive them for project commissioning, closeout, and final handoff to the owner.

Construction project management software is designed for this

The software not only stores your documents for easy reference but also brings these static documents to life during the construction process by allowing you to use them in visually appealing ways.

visual documents
  • Progress reports come to life with photos, as-built images, walk-through videos, and animations.
  • Management can review and respond to these reports with comments and feedback.
  • Adding labels and markups to plan sheets, photos, and documents creates visual punch lists and action items for your team members to address.

All of this interaction means these documents are helping you lead your team and provide your stakeholders with the information and feedback they need to be successful.

Just like the highly talented construction project manager you are.

How does software help construction project managers with scheduling?

The collaborative feature of Linarc’s construction project management software revolves around the project’s smallest yet most critical element, the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

By collaborating with your subcontractors and decomposing the complexity of your project into the individual work packages it requires, you can quickly build a master schedule everyone can live with.


Because they helped build it. The psychological power of the consistency principle enrolls your subcontractors and stakeholders into complying with the schedule, no matter what challenges may arise to stay consistent with their original commitment.

How does software empower you to create better construction project meetings?

With so many stakeholders competing for your time and attention, you need a way to cut through the clutter and efficiently collaborate with your team members.

Linarc’s construction project management software has you covered.

Safety meetings, progress meetings, and daily walk-throughs can be scheduled and documented in the app from anywhere on the job site.

  • Agendas
  • Photos
  • Plans
  • Punch lists
  • Daily reports
  • Safety action items

And everything is available digitally, so updates are automatically available for review and better quality control. 

How does software help construction project managers monitor the project budget? 

  • Scope
  • Schedule
  • Budget

If you had to boil down all your responsibilities as a construction project manager, that’s what we’re looking at: project scope, schedule, and budget. 

Simple, right?

Hardly. But software built for construction steps in and simplifies it for you.

With the Work Breakdown Structures linked to the schedule of values, the daily progress reports pull time, labor, and material resources out as work packages are completed. 

That means you always have accurate, data-driven financial insights to share with the project owner and relevant stakeholders.

So you see, staying organized with construction project management software benefits the entire project team

Supercharge your productivity and operational efficiency with an integrated, multi-phase supporting construction project management solution

Whether an architect, engineer, contractor, or subcontractor–construction project management software makes managing all your projects easy, with real-time scheduling, resource allocation, crew assignment, dispatch, payroll, materials management, asset tracking, and more.

Be an organized construction project manager

Take our construction project management software for a test run and see for yourself.

  • Collaborate and manage multiple projects from anywhere.
  • Gain complete visibility into your operations, large and small.
  • Keep your team accountable while empowering them to do their best work.
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  • Do your best work with a software solution built for the construction industry.

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