How To Master Construction Operations Control on Your Job Site

construction operations

Construction Operations Control takes a coordinated effort across all teams. Linarc can help you with this.

It’s one thing to bid a project, it’s another to run it. Any General Contractor or foreman knows keeping a construction project on track is no simple task. If left to their own devices, contractors may go off course. Corners may be cut, or work may be done too hastily or not to spec. It takes a keen eye to keep track of everything going on on a construction site.

Linarc is the construction project management tool of choice when it comes to construction operations control. Our goal isn’t simply to keep things running smoothly, but it’s to optimize every aspect of your project so you can continually improve and be more efficient. If resources are underutilized on one task, Linarc will notify you so they can be reallocated where they’re needed most. We’ll also notify you when resources could be utilized on an entirely different project.

Keep on Top of your Construction Operations Control

One of the best ways Linarc helps you keep on top of operations controls is by greatly reducing the amount of paperwork you need to handle. We do the heavy lifting for you so it’s done in the process of completing one’s job.

The crew and foremen are given role-specific mobile applications and they can fill out their timesheets with them. Task codes are never wrong and time spent is always right. Since they’re phone based, images and videos can be readily uploaded to prove work is completed to spec, and can also be presented to ask questions.

Construction Operations Control Dashboard

Speaking of timesheets, payroll is prepared for General Contractors as well. Since the timesheets for the entire project are in our system, we run payroll for you. Simply review, download, and then import it into your preferred payroll system, such as QuickBooks or any number of leading providers.

Payments & Punchlists

Payments for tasks completed to subcontractors are readied as well, as tasks are completed or when they reach major milestones. Foremen are prompted to complete punchlists so everything’s inspected immediately. Anything that’s not built to code, will be identified so it can be rectified right away.

The company’s big picture goals are always front and center in your dashboard and reports. You’ll be able to see exactly where you stand with your quarterly and yearly goals and be able to make adjustments to reach them. For instance, if one contractor is underperforming, you’ll be able to readily see that in your reports and address the issue. Sometimes they may need the General Contractor to walk the site a few more times to ensure they know the owners care and are paying attention to everything they do. Whatever the corrective measures, we’ll ensure you’re aware of any issues as they arise.

Cost tracking is very important, and is handled by Linarc as well. Each task in the Work Breakdown Structure is given a budget, so it’s immediately clear when things go beyond what was planned. As soon as a budget anomaly occurs all managers and decision makers will be notified so they can respond and resolve the issue.

At the end of the day, your Linarc Master Schedule is ground zero for operations control. All tasks have budget, materials, equipment, and crew allocated to them and are tracked on a daily basis. Reports and notifications are generated automatically so you have complete insight into the inner workings of your entire project.

Construction operations control is how projects ensure they stay profitable. With Linarc, we take care of that for you so you can focus on building, and bidding new work.

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