Five Major Construction Productivity Killers According to Project Managers

Productivity issues have been plaguing the construction industry for decades. Many construction projects experience significant schedule and cost overruns due to one or more of these top five productivity killers according to project managers across the US. Lack of equipment Numerous project managers have cited the lack of equipment as one of their leading productivity…

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How Project Managers Address Their Top 3 Challenges

Project managers have often said each project is unique. However, there are some constants from job site to job site. Project managers consistently rank staying on schedule, staying on budget, and managing as-builts as three of their top project management challenges.  Improve your project management skills by learning these tips for staying on schedule, staying on…

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Top Project Management Software Features Chosen by Project Managers

Managing a construction project is a complex task. Most projects experience significant delays and cost overruns. The best construction management software can alleviate a lot of problems. Web-based construction software includes construction scheduling tools, project management financial tracking, and collaboration tools. It’s increasingly making project management more straightforward, leading to fewer delays and excess costs. …

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Construction Safety by Design: Improving the Hierarchy of Controls


Improvements to construction safety have been slow in coming.  Before the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act of 1916, employers had no financial incentive to protect their workforce. As a result, safety on the job site was primarily the worker’s responsibility.   It would take almost two decades for that attitude to change when Joseph Strauss, Chief Engineer…

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How to Optimize Your Construction Workflow to Avoid Schedule Delays

Learn how to optimize your construction workflow to prevent costly delays.  Construction projects are full of uncertainties. Shortages in the global supply chain and the lack of skilled labor only worsen the matter. The delays these issues cause can be costly, and their impact on the project schedule can ruin the owner-contractor relationship. But there…

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5 Strategies To Build A Delay-Proof Construction Schedule

delay proof construction schedule

Is it possible to build a delay-proof construction schedule?  Probably not. Delays are inevitable in construction. There are forces beyond our control that derail even the most well-thought out plans.  But there are plenty of factors we can control.  The following strategies give us the power to complete our projects on schedule, and on budget.…

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