Always Searching for the Latest Project Document?


MARCH 2023 - VOLUME 16

Do you often find it challenging to stay on top of project documents? Do you need help with the sheer volume and complexity of keeping everyone on the same page?

Don’t let outdated documents ruin the project outcomes

Today, cloud drives and shared PDFs have replaced paper systems; however, we have found that cloud drives and email sharing are not enough to manage everything in the entire project process.

Project document management is more than centralizing access to the latest plan sheets.

It should provide access to the entire project team to all relevant project documents on and off the field. Without updated documents and real-time information, any construction project can be derailed by quality issues, costly rework, and schedule delays.

Research has shown that implementing a robust document management system can mitigate many issues.

So, what must a document management system do for you?

Minimally. It must automate document creation, support custom workflows, allow users to share and collaborate, centralize document storage, and notify everyone who needs to know - all in real-time.

Linarc’s cloud-based project workspace does just that and more, with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Linarc will automatically give every member of the project workspace access to

  • All the relevant documents
  • Workflows they can participate in
  • Collaboration with other teams
  • Share, discuss, and solve issues with anyone in real-time

Linarc takes the stress out of managing your projects

The robust construction project management solution tracks your documents through pre-designed workflows and automates alerts to keep everyone informed and on task–from creation through review and approval.

This means you always know who has what documents and where those documents are in the review and approval process.


Linarc’s document management system has the DocuSign digital signature system built right in! So when you need a document signed, your stakeholders can do it without leaving the platform.

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Digitally Transform Your Entire Process. Finally, Everything In One Workspace

No more searching through emails, cloud-drives and adding email addresses everywhere. Sharing large amounts of information can be a breeze.

Linarc is so intuitive and easy-to-use, the learning curve is practically nonexistent.

Don’t let your digital documents sit idle…

Put them to work!

Digital documents have revolutionized the way you manage your projects.

With a cloud-based system like Linarc, everyone is on the same page of every document —every time. Your projects move quickly and efficiently, and you get better performance from your teams.

Plus, with the added visibility, everyone does their due diligence to keep things on track and within budget.

It’s a win-win.

Take a look at Linarc today!

The cloud-based, digital solution for digital document management.

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