Is Your Submittal Process Tedious?



Is your submittal process time-consuming, lost in emails, and cumbersome? Do you lose track of your submittals or spend time tracking responses from vendors and procurement?

We get it because we hear it all the time.

Submittals are the number one problem for 90% of contractors who sign up for our free demos.

So here’s how you can simplify your submittal process.

The 3-step solution for simplified submittals

1.) Consolidate

Make this your #1 priority.

Multiple channels - email, cloud drive, excel - make it hard to track who has what and where everything is in the process. Non-real-time systems can keep you guessing. Did the recipient receive/view the document?

Get everyone and every submittal on the same real-time platform and never miss a deadline anymore.

Let your stakeholders know, “This is where we communicate, manage documents, and stay on schedule.”

Everyone has tech in their pocket, in the field, and on their desk.

Let’s put it to work.

2.) Simplify everything

Linarc’s submittals module is simple. Create submittal requests straight from the spec book.

The system automatically dates, numbers, and pulls due dates for each submittal package according to the work category and master schedule.

Automated workflows make the submittal requesting, routing, responding, and approval process simple and transparent. With Linarc, every workflow is intuitive, and automation is easy to achieve.

Because if your stakeholders have to spend time learning a platform, they’ll avoid using it.

Searching for the right project management system? Take us for a test drive - It's free!

3.) Let the follow-ups flow.

Communication and follow-up are critical to keeping information flowing.

But you don't have to do it all.

Linarc notifies stakeholders well before due dates at every step.

Vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, and the prime always know where they stand and what’s next.

Architects enjoy clear, concise, detailed submittal packages contextualized with all the relevant documents and specifications within the platform.

All the necessary documentation and stakeholders are in one place for easier reviews, revisions, and approvals. Linarc simplifies your submittal process so you can focus your efforts where needed.

Reach out today, and one of our team members will contact you to create a custom solution for your toughest workflow challenges.