How to Succeed in Construction?



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Consider this quote from Dr. Robert G. Cooper,  author, innovator, and business leader.

Dr. Cooper says, 

“There are two ways for a business to succeed: doing projects right and doing the right projects.”

Choosing the right projects is good.  But a balanced project portfolio is better.

We agree with Dr. Cooper. 

Doing projects right has always been critical to success in our industry. But choosing the right projects?  The construction process is unpredictable. And some projects are better than others.

That’s where a project portfolio management (PPM) system can make a difference. Could a PPM system help your organization? Find out here…   

The importance of having the right people on your team.

So, if choosing the right projects is step one, and doing projects right is step two…

…isn’t there something missing?

We think so. People

Delivering successful projects requires having the right people in the right positions. 

And if you’re running multiple projects and have a team of project managers juggling too many responsibilities, it may be time to consider a Program Manager. Here’s why…  

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