Building Your Way to Digital Maturity

Proven Strategies for Long-Term Success in the Construction Industry

The construction industry rapidly adopts advanced technology, led by heavy civil and infrastructure contractors. From equipment tracking to robotics, drones, and machine vision, technology revolutionizes construction, enhancing safety, productivity, and profits. Real-time collaboration between field and office is crucial for maximizing these benefits.

Companies with higher digital maturity are three times more likely to report above-average net revenue growth and net profit margins.


Begin your digital maturity journey by assessing your current level

Digital Apprentice, Digital Craftsman, Digital Foreman, or Digital Master

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Digital Apprentice

  • Limited digital capabilities.
  • Reliance on manual processes.
  • Disjointed office-field communication.
  • Decisions made without critical information.
  • Outdated data used for decision-making.
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Digital Craftsman

  • Integrated digital tools and processes.
  • Lack of a well-funded digitization program.
  • Ad hoc digital efforts.
  • Adoption of tools based on project owner demands.

Digital Foreman

  • Long-term strategy with advanced digital capabilities.
  • Eliminate manual processing.
  • Integrate digital tools in the office and field.
  • Real-time reporting and data-driven decision-making.
  • Full visibility for C-Suite executives.
  • Strategic planning based on comprehensive operational data.
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Digital Master

  • Maximize digital tools and processes.
  • Include AI, automation, ML, predictive analytics, AR/VR, IoT.
  • Positioned at the cutting edge of digital innovation.
  • Industry expertise in digital technology.
  • Preferred choice for project owners and developers.

Ready to advance your digital ranking?

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Establish Your Vision, Roadmap, and Milestones

  • Assess digital maturity level.
  • Create vision aligned with company goals.
  • Develop a roadmap with achievable milestones and action plans.
  • Milestones may include BIM, GPS tracking, machine learning, or adopting cloud-based project management.
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Determine Your Budget

  • Simple integrations save time and money, e.g. automating payroll cuts costs.
  • Only 60% of construction firms use tech for daily reporting and time management.
  • Imagine saving 10 person-hours a week or 520 person-hours annually on payroll processing alone.
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Assemble Your Team

  • Build a team with strong leadership, IT pros, project managers, and subject matter experts.
  • Ensure alignment on digital maturity importance and commitment to the vision and roadmap.
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 Define Your Schedule

  • Digital transformation is a process; set a realistic schedule.
  • Prioritize high ROI areas like data mastery and intelligent workflows.
  • Data mastery leverages analytics for competitive advantage, while intelligent workflows optimize processes through automation.
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Celebrate Your Progress

  • Acknowledge and celebrate progress.
  • Use streamlined processes to save time and money, and inspire your team.
  • Stay updated with emerging technologies and adapt your roadmap accordingly.
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Implement Linarc

  • User-friendly system enables easy planning
  • Real-time scheduling and collaboration
  • Keep project on-time and on budget
  • Cloud-based accessibility for seamless on-the-go operations
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