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8 Ways To Build Collaborative Construction Teams

Collaborative Construction Teams are essential to a healthy and productive work environment. Getting your construction team working collaboratively is one of the most important parts of running a construction project. Without clear construction workflows and processes, projects will experience delays and quality issues. Disputes will arise, work will have frequent stops, and change orders will…
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The Most Critical Steps in Preconstruction Planning

Preconstruction planning is the most critical step in the construction process. A good plan can head off a world of change orders and budget increases. The more detailed the preconstruction process, the greater chance the project has for timely completion. When cutting materials the classic adage is “measure twice, cut once.” Preconstruction planning is that…
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What are the most essential features in construction management software?

Read below on the most essential features of construction management software. A construction project is where contractors of different trades and skills work together to build something new. It could be a house, bridge, building, dam, road, tunnel, home improvements or remodels, or any number of other projects. Sharing ideas, schedules, documents, designs, drawings, and…
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