Collaborative platform for construction teams
Construction Technology Solutions
October 2022
Volume 11
Construction Management Software: Use Only What You Need, But Use It
Everyone in the industry uses construction management software to plan, manage and run their construction projects–even you. Is it working?
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A Fast and Simple Guide to Construction RFIs
Construction RFIs are an integral part of every project and managing the RFI process plays a pivotal role in successful project delivery.
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Top Project Management Software Features Chosen by Project Managers
Avoid cost and schedule overruns by using the project management software with the features project managers desire the most.
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Premier Construction News
Linarc Launches All-in-One Cloud-Based Construction Project Management Software to Foster Collaboration and Efficiency for Mid to Large Scale Projects
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Construct America
Linarc launches All-in-One cloud-based construction project management software to foster collaboration and efficiency for mid to large scale projects
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Construction Review Online
Linarc Launches All-in-One Cloud-Based Construction Project Management Software
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MBN Channel
Linarc seeks to streamline construction projects with project management platform
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