Build Space: November 2021

Construction Industry Highlights From Linarc
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How Linarc Construction Management Software Keeps Construction Projects on Track
Linarc Construction Management Software helps construction teams address the most common reasons construction projects have budget and schedule overruns. With it, construction teams can mitigate a wide variety of inefficiencies and escalations before they ever happen.
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Technical Innovation Is the New Frontier in Construction
The construction industry is finally changing. From construction software to improve collaboration, to modular construction, drones, AR/VR, and more, the landscape of the construction industry is increasingly embracing tech to build faster, safer and better.
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Safer Construction Helmets Head to US
Already established in European markets, a new hard hat design has just entered the US markets – MIPS, which stands for Multidirectional Impact Protection System. Not only will it protect you from falling objects, but you’ll be safer from side impacts as well.
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“Linarc is a powerful modern alternative to spreadsheets and siloed scheduling software.”
Project Director,
Design & Build Contractor

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