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Build Space
Cloud in Construction
March 2022
Volume 4
8 reasons build industry is choosing Cloud-based construction software
Explore the Benefits of cloud-based construction software from being highly secure to single data source
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Cloud-based Construction Management solution - A Checklist
Discover how to check a Construction Management solution - An easy and practical guide to find the right cloud-based construction management software
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Cloud-based vs. Web-based Construction Software
Find the similarities and differences between cloud-based and web-based construction software
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Construction project management- Six tips to ensure efficient progress
Are you considering a switch to Construction management software - Review how scheduling software can advance you to success
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President Biden Bans Imports of Russian Oil and Gas
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How digital transformation is modernising construction
Construction Digital
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How Technology Protects Frontline Workers
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Going paperless in construction

Construction Dive
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Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know
By Adam Grant
Here is an exciting take on managing the many hurdles we face on the path of growth. Rethinking how we perceive our inherent limitations can reveal new truths - about ourselves and the world we create around us.
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