Sustainable Construction Practices to Save the Planet

Sustainable Construction Tree in Building

Sustainable construction takes some work and planning, but can lead to cost savings and is better for the environment. Sustainable construction has many merits as it aims to reduce waste and build more environmentally sound projects using eco-friendly methods. A broad range of sustainable construction techniques is available. Here are some of the main ones.…

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How Can Construction Companies Follow Lean Construction?

Lean Construction is a decades-long initiative to create safer and more efficient job sites. Our recently published article discusses how construction companies can follow lean construction principles with Linarc. What is Lean Construction, and how can software help implement it? Lean Construction is a term that’s discussed but is challenging to implement. According to the Lean Construction Institute documents,…

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Lean Construction with Linarc

Construction firms can benefit greatly from embracing lean construction. Well-designed technology will play an essential role in this transformation. Linarc is designed to foster lean construction principles to ensure you and your team are highly efficient. The Integration Problem  In the construction industry, a variety of tech services are used to accomplish different tasks. While…

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