Linarc vs General Purpose Project Management Software

Excavator at Night

Project management need not be a chore. The onus is on the software to handle the complexities of project management.  Primavera P6 and MS Project are widely used in construction today but were primarily designed as generic project management tools. Although they possess a wide array of features, few are actually used by construction firms.…

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Technical Innovation Is the New Frontier in Construction

Linarc Schedule View

Construction is finally changing. All over the world, unions are growing weary of the elephant in the room – automation. “Is this robot going to steal my job?” is the question on crew members’ minds as new technologies are rolled out by the day. Over the last 20 years, change in the construction industry has…

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Building a Reliable Construction Schedule

Establishing a construction schedule is one of the most challenging parts of the preconstruction phase. This one document will heavily influence how successful a project is. It’s what keeps a wide variety of workers and specialists in sync with each other throughout the course of long and complex construction projects. With a good schedule, workers…

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