Why Does Collaboration in the Construction Industry Matter in 2022?

collaboration in construction handshake

Research from Mckinsey & Company promises that collaboration in construction is the key to the industry’s future success. Their research shows that general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers who can create an inclusive working environment rather than a competitive one, are completing projects faster and more profitably. This approach is a radical departure from traditional project…

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The Benefits of Collaborative Workforce Management in Construction

Recruiting and retaining qualified workers has been a significant post-pandemic challenge for the construction industry. As a result, many contractors ask themselves, “How will we keep our current workforce happy and motivated while attracting top talent?” The answer may be surprising–an investment in collaborative workforce management software. Outdated Labor Practices in Construction Management  Historically, disorganized…

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Speed Projects to Completion with Construction Management Software

Linarc Construction Management Software

Construction management software is leading the industry into the future. Learn how you can complete more projects on time and on budget with this breakthrough technology. The digital transformation is upon us. From product manufacturers and suppliers to construction-specific robotics, the digitization of the construction industry is here. Here’s where choosing the right construction management…

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Is Collaborative Construction Our Path out of Crisis?

We often assume the best way to get ahead is through competition.  That mindset is true in construction, where projects are won or lost based on a competitive bidding structure. But a growing body of research shows this thinking is counterproductive. According to experts, projects based on a competitive bidding structure have no winner–least of…

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Effective Construction Workflow Management: Onboard through Closeout

concrete foundations formed and poured at the base of a construction project

As construction operations grow in complexity, so does the need for agile, flexible systems to manage their workflows. To conquer this challenge, many organizations are turning to construction workflow management software.  Successful Construction Workflow Management Begins with Onboarding With an aging workforce, and a shortage of new talent, the need to attract and keep skilled…

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5 Ways Collaborative Construction is a Competitive Advantage

image of two people engaged in collaborative construction over a blueprint drawing

According to a recent Deloitte survey, engineering and construction (E&C) executives are investing heavily in technology. Nearly 40% of their operating budgets. The push is to move away from a segmented industry and to create more collaborative construction ecosystems.  But what does this mean for you and your operation, now and in the future? Here…

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