Mitigating Construction Risks: A Guide to Effective Risk Management

risk management strategies

This article covers: Strategies for Owners and Developers: Minimizing Risks in Construction Projects Construction projects are riddled with potential risks and inherently fraught with volatility, uncertainty, and a variety of risks.  These risks range from environmental challenges and project delays to significant safety concerns. Identifying these risks early is crucial for effective management and a…

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Construction Safety Topic: Mental Health and Suicide

Discover the link between mental health, suicide, and construction safety

Addressing Alarming Increase in Suicide Rates Among U.S. Workers, Particularly High Risk in Construction Content Warning: This post discusses suicidal feelings. The content of this article may be upsetting to some people. If you or someone you know is struggling, please speak up or use these free and confidential resources: Continuing our series on construction…

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Using Technology to Improve Construction Safety Management

improving-construction safety management in a digital-era

Harnessing the Benefits of Technology for Construction  Management Adopting new strategies and new practices can help construction companies remain competitive in the marketplace. According to McKinsey, “The pandemic has dramatically increased the speed at which digital is fundamentally changing business.” We’ve seen the rate of adoption of digital technologies accelerated by several years. Utilizing technology…

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10 Essential Safety Tips for Construction Workers

The Importance of Safety for Construction Workers Safety Tips and Strategies Construction site safety can be jeopardized in many ways. It is not a one person job, it’s the duty of everyone on the jobsite. Each construction worker from the general contractor to the electrician should be accountable and take personal responsibility for ensuring their…

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Common Causes of Construction Accidents and How to Prevent Them

preventing construction safety

Beyond Compliance: How to Build a Culture of Safety on Your Construction Site Construction sites can look and feel like organized chaos to the general public as many different types of contractors are working in unison from the same set of plans and towards a common goal.  Every contractor plays a vital role in bringing…

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Protect Your People: The Proactive Approach to Construction Safety


Historically, construction safety measures have been reactive. Whenever injuries or fatalities occur, we’ve called these events accidents or tragedies.  And if enough accidents and tragedies kill or injure construction workers, the industry responds with personal protective equipment, fall protection systems, or other occupational safety measures. This backward, reactive thinking isn’t working. Barriers to proactive construction…

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